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Fidel Castro
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HELP! Humidor Problem. WHY is Humidor Doing this?

Hello again. As all of you in here know, I am having a seal problem with my 400+ count Don Salvatore Footlocker humidor. To correct this problem, I ended up putting 3 layers of the white peel and stick foam rubber weather stripping all around the lid and body of the humidor where the lid's seam closes shut. Anyways, after I put the weather stripping on the humidor, I took out the original Viper humi tubes and the 70% beads because of the plastic odor which they were giving out inside my humidor. I no longer was using the 70% beads until I received the brand new 70% beads which I just ordered from Viper. Since I made all of these adjustments and not using any beads, I was only using the 2 humistats as the "ONLY" humidification devices inside this particular humidor. Two days before Christmas (4 days ago) when I made all these alterations and adjustments, the humidity level was only at 57%. Because of this, I recharged the 2 humistats, put them back inside the humidor, shut the lid and I placed some weight on top of the humidor lid to make the seal tight so the humidity level would rise. Please remember that I also have 3 layers of weather stripping around the seal of the humidor between the lid and the body of the humidor.

On the 2nd day, when I checked the humidity level inside the humidor it was at 62%. It went up from 57% where it was a day earlier to 62% on the second day. Since then, I didn't open up the humidor again until this evening (the 4th day). When I opened the humidor up this evening, the humidity level was only at 58%. It had gone down from 62% where it was at just 4 days ago. I would like to know WHY this happened? If I already have 3 layers of weather stripping one on top of each other all around the humidor's seal on the lid and on the body of the humidor, and if I also placed enough weight on top of the lid to keep the lid's seal tightly closed and if I recharged the 2 humistats inside the humidor, then WHY did the humidity level go down to 58%? This particular humidor is full with over 7 boxes of cigars in it and a 1/2 full tray of loose cigars on the top part of the humidor. If anything, with all of these cigars inside it, the humidity level should have gone up, but it didn't. I don't know WHY?

I attempted to try and correct this problem this evening by placing 1 1/2 lbs of the brand new 70% beads with the mesh drawstring bags which I just received from Viper in 2 small trays inside the humidor. I am hoping that the 1 1/2lbs of 70% beads will be enough beads to increase the humidity level inside the humidor to 70% or close to it. I also recharged both humistats again. And I also added some weight (a few heavy books) to the lid to make the seal close tight.

Do you think that the 1 1/2 lbs beads that I just added will correct the problem with the low humidity level and that it will make the humidity rise to the desired 70%? I still have the 3 layers of weather stripping on the humidor and I still placed weight on top of the lid to make the seal tight after I put the 1 1/2 lbs of 70% beads inside the humidor and I also recharged the 2 humistats that are stuck on the inside of the humidor lid. If the amount of 70% beads that I just put inside the humidor doesn't bring up the humidity level to 70%, then what could be the problem? What is preventing the humidity level from rising when I already have 3 layers of weather stripping, plus weight on the lid, plus the 1 1/2 lbs of beads inside the humidor, plus the 2 recharged humistats inside the humidor?

Do you think that all the beads and the 3 layers of weather stripping and the weight that was placed on top of the humidor lid will solve the problem that I am having and finally bring the humidity level inside the humidor to 70% this time around? I would like some input on this.

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