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Big THANKS to all!!!...from a newbie

First off, I would like to applaud all the individuals whose hard work makes this board what it is...An excellent place where unbiased and knowledgeable people can share information and laughs on something they enjoy.

Being a newbie to cigar smoking, I find myself sitting here day after day soaking up valuable information. I had originally went and sought out a well known source for afficianados and was unimpressed. This board imparts genuine opinions on all aspects. No topic seems untouched, I know, I have been reading for days. I feel that the posters and moderators have provided me with a sound base from which I can make solid decisions. This is extremely important, especially contimplating the fact that cigars and related items are not what one would call "Cheap".

This forum is clearly an asset to anyone who takes the time to register and access it. In the end the quality and utility of the site can be attributed to all who take the time to post. Undeniably, the compiled information must span decades, if not centuries of cigar smoking experience. All of which is available with a quick search on the site. My hat is off to all who contribute to this excellent resource.

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Well said, Shaun! Welcome to CW....

Some things carry a price that's not measured in dollars!

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Welcome to CigarWeekly!
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Welcome to CW! Relax, enjoy, and let the knowledge seep in!
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Raine Moor
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Welcome aboard! It is my responsibility to ask you what are your 5 favorite cigars and what do you look for in a cigar and what flavor profile do you like>
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welcome to the CW!!!
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In response to Hooko's question, given that I only began smoking cigars last month I really don't have favorites per se.

I can say that I have smoked a cohiba siglo II two nights ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. My palate isn't as refined as most of the CW posters but I was able to pick out the creamy and spicy/peppery flavors. The week earlier I tried the famed Montecristo brand (a #3). Comparing the two, I would have to give the Cohiba the nod. Although I noticed that the Montecristo left a tingle on the tip of my tongue which I have attributed to being the twang that many write about. Another notable cigar, that I have tried was a Manuel Lopez Punch Churchill. This was actually my first cigar ever!!! Consequently I can't remember exactly what the flavors were but I can say it was tasty. It was the stick that peaked my interest, which might be more accurately defined as obsession with cigars.

In terms of the size/style of cigar, I tend to gravitate towards the corona size and churchill size. Part of the reason is the fact that I enjoy sitting down in a pub with friends. Conversation is good, the scotch is great and the cigar is outstanding...The longer such a sublime and pleasureable experience can last, the better!
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Welcome to CW!
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