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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Mi Querida Fino Largo by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

I ordered a 5er of these a short while ago and was waiting for a good day to smoke one of these. Today the temp is about 50, so I dressed warmly and retired to a camp chair in the garage with a 6x 48 Mi Querida Fino Largo and my kindle. My drink of choice was a Diet Sunkist orange. Not ideal, but I'm out of Ginger Ale.
I must say first that this is one good looking cigar! DT&T really makes well constructed smokes. It is a firm and tasty looking brown cylinder. The broadleaf wrapper gives a very sexy presentation. The Fino Largo looks like the Umbagog's slightly prettier sister.
I cut the cap with my DR electric cutter. I barely nicked the cap and had a perfect draw.
After lighting, I sat back and just smoked for a bit. My first impression was that this is a pretty stout cigar! It seems a bit stronger than the Umbagog. But it has a similar dusky flavor that I like. There are generous amounts of smoke. Like the Umbabgog, the smoke almost has a physical presence. It is chewy! That's the second time I've used that term describing cigar smoke. And I think it's apt.
Further in I was waiting for some complexity, but the cigar persisted in mainly providing the same dusky strength as earlier. Smoother to be sure, but not much different. And that was okay because it's good.
About two thirds in I started to detect some flavors similar to the Sobre Mesa. Floral, perhaps a bit perfumy, but not cloying. There was really just a hint of that.
The burn was tight and even the whole way. The ash held together nicely. I knocked it off three times well before it was ready to drop.
The cigar was tight and firm the entire way. The tight bunch makes for a long satisfying smoke. And it never became mushy or bitter.
In my opinion this is a really high quality cigar. The smoking experience is beyond what I usually experience in a Nicaraguan. For me, the Umbagog flavor profile edges out the Mi Querida. So I'll smoke more of those. But the Mi Querida is also very good. I'm going to try and always keep some of these around for a change of pace.
I like everything about this cigar.
I don't have much experience scoring cigars. But the Mi Querida rates a high one. 9.5 of 10 seems about right.
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Great review! You should definitely do more of them!


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Smoked my first one this afternoon. I like the Sobramesas a lot, but I think I like the Mi Querida even more.
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