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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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IPCPR 2016 Cigar Review: Padilla Reserva Connecticut robusto

Cigars and writing, brace yourselves, this one will be long! What is the attraction that so many of us have? Good writing draws us in, at times, without our even being aware of it. The cigars, they, too, elicit thoughts and feelings in so many of us. Why is this? Articulate expression is not always an easy thing to accomplish.

I wish that these scribblings might rise to the level of eloquence, but this review, sadly, is off to a terrible start. I am trying really mightily to avoid the latest fad in spoken English (to which I find myself susceptible and, that is starting every thought or story out of my mouth with “So…” or, “Well…” Why do I say this? There’s a story to be told, and it’s one of tremendous frustration. Tonight’s venture has begun with problems which are, likely, “first-world problems.” The first of these is the dearth of information on this cigar. There look to be a few reviews, however, using those sort of defeats the purpose of writing my own review, no? It could be intellectually dishonest, as well. The few retailers online who even have information on this cigar contradict each other.

Lastly, it took me four pages on the great “G” web utility to find the manufacturer’s own website. And that? It gave me a computer-buzzing virus. Closing the tab only opened another tab, so I had TWO tabs buzzing the device. I am fearful that the device may be ruined. All this trouble to write a cigar review?

Padilla Cigars, Ernesto Padilla, I am negatively pre-disposed at this moment. What I hold in my hands is a Padilla Reserva Connecticut robusto that Jefslat picked up at the IPCPR show in Las Vegas.

One retailer labels this as a Nicaraguan cigar with Ecuador Habano binder, Nicaraguan tobaccos from Jalapa, Condega and Estelí. Another states that the cigar is made at the Oliva factory in the Dominican Republic. Who is correct? I can’t tell you because Padilla’s website gave me a smarmy virus. To culminate the negativity, Reese, the incontrovertibly incontinent dachshund can’t make up her mind whether to come outside or go inside. She’s cried and growled at me four times now.

This IS, most assuredly, a cigar review. The cigar has an appealing Connecticut-shade capa with an expertly applied triple cap It has a typically sweet aroma and looks SO promising. It’s a two-match light because these little matches burn quickly, catching my fingers. The burn evens out almost immediately, and I am rewarded with a flavor that possesses just the slightest bit of cedar (quite pleasant,) and a floral quality to it. The initial ash falls as I flee to cover because the rain has started to fall, and due to the band size, the ash had already reached the band. Blast, it actually already charred the band.

I tell you what, it would certainly be nice to have a properly-functioning device to help while away the time as I enjoy this, but viruses…so, I write instead and concentrate on the cigar as the rain beats intermittently on the carport roof. The flavor is still strongly floral, but for me, this is a medium-bodied smoke. One of the conflicting retailers had it described as such, while another had it as medium-full. The finish is slightly charry and lasting, but it the cigar is flavorful and enjoyable.

Padilla Reserva Conn.
At the very middle of the cigar, the ash has fallen of its own accord. There is now evidence of a bit of ligero as it protrudes beyond the burn line. There is a sense of talc as I approach the cigar to draw on it. Speaking of the draw, it is effortless and the cigar has not gone out; the smoke is satisfactory in its volume, although it is not as abundant as my last few cigars. With the few recent occasions to smoke coming about a week apart, it’s not difficult to remember just how generous the last couple have been (writing reviews helps to remind me, too.) The phenomenon of the once-weekly cigar is a touch frustrating and disappointing. Of course it is better, certainly, than once every two weeks or every month.

Another quarter-inch gone, that ligero is still prominent, as the smoke becomes a touch woody to go with the sweet floral character. Padilla and, whoever else is involved in making this cigar, have done well. It’s well-constructed and blended. That said, it’s not my favorite flavor profile, but it is a fine cigar. I would smoke this again, and I know that many of our brethren will enjoy it immensely. As Britons are wont to say, give it a go. The experience will be rewarding.

Problem: here at the very end, it got quite soft and went out. Even so, the finish is not bad, at all.

Good night and buon riposo.

+In Memory of E.Guevara(Cubano67)W.Orlando(Shadow) A.Morris (Knife) D.Odom (dodom) D.Revermann (dgr) S.Bouchard (sb1396) M.Cole (Matt76) S.Faccenda (TOJE) R.Smith(IBMer) V.Vandermeer (van55)M.Davis(boxdoctor)S.Singer(bassman)K.Doetze l (drillrk1)D.Hart(garme1962)J.Coleman(John C 81)T.Gossett(Dartplayer1)J.Bolt (jb)E.J.Ferralles(CaballoPinto)M.Cataldo(FVFanMC)K Payne(SanchoPanza)F.Seltzer(Mowee)+LB+Connor Olson+Micah Kercheval+Maggie Bonefas+

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