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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Toranos 1916 Camaroon

I smoked this cigar during the great comeback Florida State made against Georgia Tech. Now that was an exciting game.
I received this cigar from a bombing a friend sent me. This was the corona sized 1916. The 1916 will be on the market in about 2 weeks. This one was gifted to me buy another member on the Torano's website.

Prelight - Good looking medium brown camaroon wrapper. No noticeable veins. Cut nicely, prelight draw was easy and gave a nice light tobacco taste.

Ash/Burn - The ash was hardy and solid. It stayed on for about an inch and a half before I knocked it off. It stayed solid and didn't fall apart once it hit the ashtray. No touchup needed and it stayed lit even when I hit the little boys room during a timeout.

Flavor- I wasn't sure if this camaroon would have a medal taste I usually taste in camaroons. But to my surprise and liking it did not have that tinny taste. I'd say the strength was medium bodied with an earthy and wood taste. This flavor profile stayed consistent throughout. I would say this cigar is not as complex as the Exodus Gold or Silver. But at the same time it produced a good flavor profile just the same. The 1916 was never harsh, but was smooth tasteing from start to finish. This surprised me because I didn't age it, I was expecting a hint of bitter taste associated with under aged cigars, but there was no harshness or grassy tatse.

Overall - A very enjoyable cigar. I'd really like to try this cigar in a larger 1916 to see if it produced a stronger flavor. This corona was very smooth, never harsh. If you are looking for a medium bodied woody tasting cigar, this cigar is right up your line. Like I said before this cigar is not as complex as some of the other Toranos, but it has something to offer those who want great tasting cigar camaroon cigar. I enjoyed it and would definately buy some more if I can ever find them. This cigar is another winner for the Toranos.
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