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Re: Travel Case

Originally Posted by veritus
I'm looking for a travel case/pouch that will hold approx 5 sticks and fit in my coat pocket. I want to make sure that the cigars I buy during my trip make it back safely. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm looking to spend not more than $25.


I don't recall having seen a cigar case that would hold 5 cigars and fit in a coat pocket. Most cases hold 3 and occasionally 4 if the cigars are of a narrower width.

Any cases that hold 5 cigars are much too big to fit into a sport coat pocket, or too big to fit into most breast-pockets in jackets.

Generally cigar holders are referred by several names. "Tubes", finger cases and holders are some. Tubes are tubes usually holding one cigar. "Fingers" refers to the number of cigars a particular case will hold. A 2-finger case will hold 2 cigars and a 3-finger case will hold 3 cigars.

This link shows a typical 2 and 3 finger cigar case.

This link shows a 3-5 tube-style case.

And this shows an 8 finger case that is way to large to fit in a coat pocket.

This leather case will supposedly hold 4, 7.25x52 cigars and might fit your needs:

If you want a 5-cigar holder, you will be hard pressed to find a 5-finger case. In the event that you did find one, it would more than likely be too large for the typical breast pocket. You may have to go with a Cigar Caddy styled case.

Good Luck!

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