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And their point? If you don't want to be hit by a puck get seats in the balcony section. The first few rows in the balcony are awesome seats. Oh, and maybe you should pay attention to the game. After all, you didn't pay $80 to sit around and talk. You can do that at home, between periods or in a bar.

Oh yeah, and before every game there's an announcement warning you to pay attention as pucks, sticks and stuff could fly into the seats and hurt you if you don't. Of course you have to get to the arena before the opening faceoff to hear it, or at least that's the way it is in Boston, or at least it was when these took place. They announce it throughout the game this season. Why anyone wouldn't bother showing up until the middle of the first period is beyond me, though.

I wonder what these people would have done in the early days of hockey when it was played on a pond with no boards and the spectators stood around the playing area and if a player went into the spectators they'd push him back into the playing area, after roughing him up a bit if he wasn't a member of their team.

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