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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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IPCPR Cigar Fetiche by Gold Star Cigars

Fetiche by Gold Star Cigars
From the site: "A medium cigar with a selection of the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua wrapped in grade 3 and grade 4 naturally medium dark brown wrapper from Ecuador, contribute to an excellent sweetness in the flavor from beginning to end. "

The size I had was a Gordito ( 4 x 58)
Construction: 3
Burn: 3
Draw: 5
Aroma: 3
Flavor 10
Taste/Aftertaste: 9
Total: 33
(I would give it a couple bonus points as I really enjoyed the flavor)

The appearance of this rather large smoke was good with the one exception that the leaf looked as if it wanted to come undone at one part of the cigar. I can only describe it as the leaf looked raised a little. other than that it was perfect. It was well hydrated, cut and lit easily; it was a good brown/dark brown color.
The pre-light flavor was sweet and flowers came to mind, and the draw was easy.
As I smoked it, the sweetness continued, but through the the smoke I also got nuts, cocoa, cedar, and, at the end, leather.
I consider this to be full bodied, but mild/medium strength, which is not a bad thing. I got a good taste of the flavor each time, and the retro was very nice, no harshness or burn.
The burn was mostly good, only i found that I had to draw a few times to get the smoke going. It did not go out, but I got the impression it wanted to. I also had to make a few touch ups, but nothing major.

It lost points for the above reasons. construction, burn, aroma (only because it did not give off much smoke to have an aroma), and the after taste was tad bitter, also. I prefer some spice to my cigars.
It's a good cigar,I would smoke it again, especially in a smaller gauge. I enjoyed the sweetness mixed with nuts and cedar. A fine cigar.
I think that's all the points, I usually follow a different guide so trying to transition it over to the CW one.

If I left anything out please remind me.

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Nice review!
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IPCPR Cigar Fetiche

Pre light: Nice even wrapper without any visible veins, Colorado Maduro (medium brown), hints of cedar and a sweetness to the nose before it was lit. Even fill from end to end and a very neat cap.

Cut, the draw gave cedar and sweetness with a touch of mountain meadow floral undertones.

Light: Toasting the foot gave a waft of the cedar, tobacco and sweetness, the initial taste was of sweetness and flowers with some hay tones. The smoke production was good and the mouth was sweet without being cloying or overpowering. the hay notes swiftly faded, the floral tones reminded me of some of the Hawaiian Coffee's where you don't get the floral taste of the front end, but you do on the back end and it is noticeable on the retro.

1/3rd Even draw, but it started to burn a little lopsided, but I rotated the slow side down, and it corrected itself without a touch up, the smoke was mellow, that thought held all the way down the cigar. It had a touch of spice or pepper on the tongue, and a certain heat, (flavor not temperature), in the mouth.

The Ash was tight and gray - white, and held together for about 1 1/2".

2/3rd The burn was level, not razor sharp but within a 1/16" all round, the sweetness stayed the dominant feature, and woody tones came to the front, not the cedar I was expecting but rather a gentle oak flavor, the heat of the spice kept up its warmth in the mouth, the mellow smoke was mellow in spades.

The ash continued to hold together, dropping every 1 1/4" - 1 1/2".

3/3rd The woodyness faded, and the sweetness held on, the burn continued evenly, the ash dropping on a regular basis.

The strength of flavor I'd put at medium, and it did create a slight buzz on the nicotine scale.

Prelight = 9
Light = 9
Construction = 9
Flavor = 8
Power = 8
Average of 8.6

I found this cigar to be mellow in spades, I smoked it in the late morning, but I could have smoked it at anytime of day, with the sweetness it would do well paired with a German dry white wine, or a dessert, with the floral tones a good Reisling I could enjoy this at any time.
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Meduim dark wrapper, an almonst indescribable pre-light draw from the head and delicious aromas from the foot. Wrapper had some veins.

Perfect clip with the Palio with a very easy and fragrant light.

Light-bodied flavors of toasted tobacco with undertones of vanilla and cinnamon. This cigars is definitely a fine example of Brasilian tobacco; very smooth and pleasant without being underwhelming.

Caramel notes emerged as the cigar progresses. Solid amounts of smoke while maintaining a mild to medium flavor profile. A very enjoyable cigar.

Draw never got hot and was enjoyable to the finish.

4/5. Joe Bob says Check it Out!
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