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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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This is a review in tribute to Spiridon who so graciously gave me three of these, three Hoyo Negros, and an African Fuerte with no want of anything in return. He won't get off that easy, but for now this series of reviews will be my online thank you to him.


This little guy is quite a charmer. It was a nicely put together cigar. It burned very even, and had the same gray/black/white ash that its bigger brothers carry. It would have been a perfect little guy if I had not damaged it when cutting the cap off. The wrapper leaf sort of flaked somewhat after a trip through the Xikar. Color was the same beautiful dark brown Maduro Fuerte I love so much. Produced decent smoke for a small guy, but not so much that it could be confused with its brethren.

6.5 Of 10 Without the flaking, it would have been marvelous. I like bigger cigars generally.


Here is where this little devil shines. It has an identical flavor as the other maduro Fuerte's in a tiny package. In fact it was somewhat of a more intense flavor. Still the coffee, chocolaty flavor with the umpf that the line promises and delivers. Still fairly un complex, just the way I like it. Pre-light flavor was great, and it produced a wonderful aroma. By the time my fingers were burning, I was a slave all over again.

10 of 10 The same flavor that is perfect for me in the larger sizes, rings true in the smaller as well. Maybe even better.


These were free, so the price couldn't have been better. At just under $3.00 a piece by the box, everyone should have some of these guys lying in wait for a quick smoke.

9 of 10 I'd pay more for them, and that is the mark of quality and true value.

Final Conclusions:

This wonderful smoke was made all the more special because it was a gift from a great CW brother. It was everything I had hoped it would be, and maybe a little more. If you have enjoyed one of the Colada's, you know what I mean, and if you haven't get yourself some immediately. You won't be disappointed. Small, tasty, powerful, cheap. What a combination.

25.5 of 30 Great little smokes, no maduro lover should be without.

One Down, two to go. Thanks again Spiridon, you are the man. Looking forward to paying you back, and can't wait to see your takes in the blind review. Feel free to bomb him at will, he deserves it.

Your pal,
Clone K

Bacon flavored cigars... Now there's an idea.

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