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Here are the draws for everyone. As obvious M= Mosley and D= De La Hoya. And the number is the round in which the fight will end. Once again for example: PCaponi has Mosely in round 8 if Mosely wins the fight in any way in round 8 everyone has got to send him Cigs. Have fun and Good luck everyone!!!

1. PCaponi - M8
2. kctaxman - D12
3. Slimebody -M12
4. Swift E -M5
5. B_Mac -D1
6. Mannish -M Decision
7. dartplayer 1 -M2
8. Socca Masta -M11
9. Dallas Guy -D6
10. KY 70 -D11
11. NM Cigar -D4
12. Lang Daddy -D3
13. Nivek -M10 Or Draw
14. Herfin Bigdog -M3
15 Fred_J6 - M9
16. SilkyC -D10
17. Lagnapipe -M6
18. smokin7 -D9
19 swift E -D2
20. Latin Lawyer -D8
21 Castleman Cigars- D Decision
22. TOJE - M4
23. Goldberg -M1
24. PCaponi -D5
25. Latin Lawyer -D7
26. H Booker -M7

Ok here is my contest because I won Herfin Bigdog's contest. Need to make room in the humidor.

I assume everybody has done a superbowl pool before? I am going to do a boxing pool for the De La Hoya vs. Mosley Fight on September 13. Works very similar.

Only 26 people can participate, because there are only 26 available squares. 13 squares are available for each fighter. These are rounds 1-12 for de la hoya and the "winner by decision" square. Then for Mosley there are also rounds 1-12 and the "winner by decision" square.

There is one winner. Whoever is assigned the correct fight winner and round in which the fight ends, wins this pool. For example, if you are assigned De La Hoya Round 4, De La Hoya knocks out or TKO's Mosley in the 4th round, you to win the cigars.

First 26 people that wanna take part, are in. I will assign numbers, 1-26, to people in the order that they join this contest. I have already drawn the fighter-rounds out of a hat and they have already been pre-assigned to the order numbers. For example:

Order in which people signed up
1. De La Hoya Round 3
2. Mosley Round 4
3. Mosley Round 12
4. De La Hoya Decision
5. De La Hoya Round 1

-etc. etc. etc.
26. De La Hoya Round 5

this is only an expample
So in this exapmple whoever is the first person that joins this contest would be assinged De La Hoya Round 3. The second person that wants in the pool, gets Mosley Round 12. But the fighter/rounds are kept hidden until all 26 players have joined. This way it is totally random

I have chosen the fighter/round assignements out of a hat for all 26 rounds already, and will post them after I have all 26 contestants signed up. This way it is totally blind. I have already PM'ed the results to Herfin Bigdog so that he can verify who got which fighter and what round after all 26 players are in. Once again, the first person enter as a contestant will get the fighter/round assigned to number 1. 2nd person to post will the the fighter/round assigned to round 2.

I will pitch in a stash of 10-15 cigars for the winner. They are a variety of what I have from my humble collection. Some cheapies, Some ISOM.

Every person that enters will also have to send a 5-pack to the winner, domestics or ISOM that average out to $5 a cigar. So if you put a $1 cigar in there, you also have to put a $9 cigar in there. But it has to be 5 cigars, can't be 20 $1 cigars. Getting everything so far. . This means the winner should receive about 145 smokes. at a risk of only 5 smokes.

You must have 100 posts to enter this contest OR be a member for 3 months and have 3 trader comments. If you do not qualify you can have someone vouch for you, and they will cover in case you do not pay up.

If you have any questions, your not allowed to PLAY!!!! Just post and me or anyone else that has done this before will try to answer them.

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