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Burning mouth syndrome

I have been susceptible to burning mouth syndrome for as long as I can remember. It is a medical condition. Not a slang term. Basically it is what it sounds like. I have it on my tongue only and not the rest of my mouth, small favor that though. I don't walk around with my tongue burning. It has to be triggered by something. My love, and my collection of, hot sauce is out of the question. Burning mouth makes most food taste dry and salty (which is why I constantly crave sweets) and never mind what it does to the flavor of a good cigar. They all taste the same - hot and dry. That is why I like my cigars around 70rh which is somewhat difficult to maintain, especially in dry Colorado, but it helps a bit. However I mainly don't smoke at all. Its a waste of a good cigar. But the worst thing about it is that it can last a very long time. Up to a year. But this latest one is at least two years if it's a day.

It's great for aging my cigars though!

Anyway I recently moved from dry Colorado to Pennsylvania where the rh is much higher, and not only is it easier to maintain my cigars but the burning tongue has subsided by quite a bit. I think I am ready to enjoy a good cigar now. I planned to have one today but it is pretty cold, around 30, not that I haven't done that before but the wind chill is pretty high. If the wind subsides I am going to fire one up. Please pray to the cigar gods for me! If I start coming around here again, well now you will know why.
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