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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Jaime Garcia-RE

Cigar: Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial- Belicoso 5.5 x 52

Cost: In the $6.50 to $8.50 ball park for most.

Construction: The Wrapper is Broad leaf Connecticut Shade Maduro. With assorted quality Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos from the many Garcia Family farms.

Power Level: These are Definitely in the High Medium to Full Power Cigar category. Which I love, but that's me.

The Deed: I make a conservative clip with my trusty Titanium finished Xicar cutter. The draw is tight, so I clip half again as much. Much better draw this time. The flavor off of the neutral draw is one of earthy musky loam. I am reminded me of a damp grass, like a morning dew laden lawn, fresh and clean. The aroma off of the foot reveals a woody spice note. So, I employ my single flame tank lighter and get down to business.


After the light has taken hold, I ease back on this good looking Belicoso smoke. I must, in advance, admit to having a true fondness for this line in general. The Toro and Robusto are real stand outs, for me. I have had many of those, but only few of the Belicoso size. Even with my somewhat limited experiences, I have found them to be flavor packed and very consistent. This cigar is starting out right. Nice even tones of rich earthy true tobacco flavor. One element I appreciate with these Jaime (pronounced Hi-Me ) Garcia RE's is that even though it is a Maduro, it is not too sweet. You get a nice soft subtle sweet note here and again, but never too much. I have found that a little sweetness goes a long way for me in that regard. What these cigars do have in spades, is a rich and dense concentration of clean Nicaraguan tobacco flavor with a velvet gloved punch of Power. That gloved hand of power showed up about 3/4 of an inch in and is here to stay.


After establishing the primary tones for the day, this cigar has varied some. I like variety in a cigar, like riding a very long roller coaster. There are hills and valley's in the flavor and potency. This is certainly in the Full range, but every now and then it will ease off and explore the musky and cedar-y area of upper medium. A couple of inches in and my mouth begins to water with a savory element. That's new for this line. How cool is that? Oh, I realized that I had failed to mention today's pairing. Just a simple Bacardi Silver and Pepsi. I've been on a Rum kick ever since moving to Texas. In honesty I have really cut back on potent potables of late and truth be told I'm not really missing it that much. (No, I'm not the victim of the body snatchers. ) I think we all go through different phases in life, some are just less flammable than others.


Well past midway and I really am impressed with this cigar. I mentioned before that I liked this line, especially the Parejo shapes. This size is stacking up to be as good or better than those. That's really saying something. I know that the previous examples of this size, did not impress me this much. I love this flavor combination and the movement of ranges within the power scale. Most will admit that for the majority of the time, individual cigar profiles are, for the most part, pretty stable and don't vary greatly. That is why we are surprised and pleased when one does. Well, I know I am. Now, as with all good to better cigar experiences, they always seem to smoke fast or come to an end far too soon.


A great cigar leaves you wanting more or another one. That's where I find myself, here at the end. I have to admit, I did not expect to find anything new in this cigar. But, low and behold, I did. The variations of flavor and the modulations of potency were both new for me in this blend. I like these kinds of surprises. I had experienced several disappointing smokes lately and I really needed a winner. This Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Belicoso was just the ticket and is certainly a Winner.


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