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Glass Jar Humidor

I have a glass jar humidor that I got with some cigars some time back. I did not leave the cigars in it so I don't know how well it works. I have a large shipment coming and do not have room in my two humidors for them all. I also have some CAO flavours coming and I would like to put them in the jar to keep them away from the others. My question is do I need to put a humidifcation in the jar with them or since the jar is air tight could I get away with out one.
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That jar isn't as airtight as you think. In the short term, I'd say no. If you are talking long term, some humidification is probably advisable.
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How big is this jar? You could just pop a humi-pillow in there. They are like fifty cents and will last several weeks.
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Also be aware that the foot of the cigar is prone to cracking when standed on end.
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Thank all of you for your help. Heather what is a humi-pillow ? I have some cigar cards Humidification that I got from JR's but it say's 3-5 days. I guess if I wet it each week it may work. The Jar is big enough to hold 25 coronas.
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I'd put a drymist tube in it.

I don't like storing cigars on their foot. I'd go and buy a cheap little cooler and if you don't want to buy a drymist tube take a clean sponge and wet it with some distilled water. There are instructions on how to make a cooleridor on a sticky in this forum
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I've been storing my cigars standing on end for the last couple of years (at least 3 years) without any problems. If you are moving boxes on a regular basis, there could be damage but if left alone, there should be no worries. It also allows easier box access in a humi.
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