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A BAD example from a Brick and Mortar

I went to a B&M store today. I was looking to pick up some singles of the cigars suggested by CWers...so I took a list, and a friend and headed off to a local store.

Problem #1...the layout. So this store had two walls of glassed in shelfs, starting waist high and going up to 10'. Now...how am I supposed to see whats up there? Most of the boxes didn't even have the brand name on them, so I had no clue what was there. I'd have liked to poke around and check things out. But no dice. So, after walking around for a little bit, I asked for some help.

Problem #2...the help. Ok, so I am a newbie, and I am not afraid to let people know that, but I have been paying attention to what I smoke and what I like. I gave her the list, and she reads it over. Her comment was that the list had a lot of maduros on them, and they are strong smokes...suggesting that I wouldn't like them. Well, I tell her, I've had a Sancho Panzo DM, and it wasn't too much for me...I just would have liked more spiciness in it. But, she doesn't listen, and starts trying to sell me other stuff. Which leads me to...

Problem #3...the prices. She did find one of the cigars on the list (La Aroma de Cuba), but it was $8. That's 2x MSRP. I think it was one of the few cigars under $10 in the shop. Macanudos were $13. I mean, the house blend was $24 a stick. Are you kidding me?

I told her, "Hey, right now, I am not looking to spend more than $10 on a cigar."

Problem #4...the help. But, she doesn't listen. She tries to sell me four or five more cigars, all of them over $10. She even tries to sell me the "CA #2 rated cigar", La Aurora 100 Anos Belicoso...for $25. Definately NOT under $10. Thanks though.

Oh well. You can keep your $25 cigar, I'll shop somewhere else.

So, does anyone know of a good cigar store in the West LA / Santa Monica area? hahaha
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