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Hi all, I have been diliberating over the purchase of a small traveldor for some time, the kind that can hold a days worth of cigars (2-4). I am wondering which ones other members here use. I already have a 3 finger leather case, but am looking for somthing that will hold PCs as well as larger cigars. SO, what do you guys use? TIA for the replys.
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Csonka. It's great.

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I have much bigger ones - Sherman 18 and 30.
There are some nice, reasonably priced smaller ones out there though.
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For 3 to 4 sticks the Csonka is nice but if I'm taken 3 sticks I'm using my S.T. Dupont 3 finger case.For 8 cigars I use the Sherman Sniper alum. case.For 30 sticks I grab my Zero from Cigar Classics first and my Sherman 30 second.
Oppie X
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If I'm just heading out where I won't be banging a case around, I take a medium Fuente Humidor bag. If I need something hard sided, I take either an AirLoc case or a Cigar Classic tube (2 or 3 tube model).

If it's a dress occassion I take a 3 finger Dunhill case.

If I need more than a days worth, I take a Cigar Caddy 5540 and throw a couple of Humidi-paks in it with the cigars.

In a couple of months, I'm going to replace the Cigar Caddy with a ZERO Halliburton Ambassador though.

I'm still up in the air about the Csonka cases. Price is pretty high for what you get and I absolutely hate those disk humidifer things they use.
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For me I enjoy my Cigar Caddy 3400. Hold 4 smokes really well!
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Ziplock bag with a small credo should work well.
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Cigar Trek. Several sizes, integrated humidifier, foam protection. Best I've found.

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I used to use an old Cigar King case...it only held two cigars but did have a humidifier in the cap. I was gifted a Csonka, the medium sized one, holds 4-5 large cigars and works great. Fwiw...I don't travel much, but do smoke at work so the Csonka works great for those short trips around town.

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