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(re)Discover an Album

What I seem to listen to regularly changes over time and an album that I played to death 5 years ago may not see the light of day now. But there are a few albums that I pull out now and again and they get a good bit of airtime for me.

The one that I seem to regularly seem to rediscover every couple of years or so is Southern Knights by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I play it regularly for a month before it goes back into hybernation.

My question is does anybody else have an album like this that they keep on coming back to?
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Yep there are a few of those for me...

Pink Floyd's Animals and Wish You Were Here

Supertamp's Crisis What Crisis and Crime of the Century are the most resent ones.
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Foreigner 4, the Who - who's best, and Spin Doctors "pocket full of kryptonite".

I'll also dip back for some classic singles, like Betty Davis Eyes (Kim carnes) and You ought to know (alanis morriset).

I'll hear something on the classic rock radio station here and it will trigger a nostalgia attack...
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A few mentioned already (Pink Floyd)

My go-to album has always been Rush - Moving Pictures...it is very nearly THE perfect rock album.
It has everything - Radio Friendly (Tom Sawyer, Limelight), Crashing instrumental (YYZ), sci-fi story telling (Red Barchetta - my FAVORITE song of all time), Long Format (The Camera Eye). Perfect, absolutely perfect....
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I have many of them, but most of you wouldn't know who they are. I have no doubts about anyone's musical knowledge or taste. It's that many of them are very obscure. And I don't mean weird, just didn't get enough airplay for people to be familiar.

For example, one of my all-time favorite albums is 'Til Tuesday, Welcome Home. Aimee Mann is a brilliant songwriter, but she's never gotten wide recognition. Just like any of the albums by Squeeze. You are probably familiar with Black Coffee in Bed, but few others. Difford and Tilbrook were one of the best songwriting team since Lennon and McCartney. There's always some XTC in my rotation.

You get the idea. I have very eclectic tastes in music. To me, music is an emotion and my favorite music has good or bad feelings linked to it.
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There's nothing wrong with eclectic tastes in music. I listen to a lot of music on Jamendo (it's all podsafe so I tend to use it for TuxJam and CCJam). Variety is the spice of life 🙂
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For me John Wetton era King Crimson: Lark's Tongues in Aspic and Starless & Bible Black, epic albums
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John Coltrane's Live at Birdland (1963, Impulse! label) album, which I was first exposed to back in the late 1960s or early 1970s (can't remember exactly when)... The live cuts (including sizzling renditions of Afro Blue and The Promise) are so engaging that I can 'picture' them practically note for note. And then there's the quartet's heart-grabbing studio-recorded Alabama, which has to count among the most evocative jazz tunes ever.

I don't listen to this album all that often anymore. But whenever I do yank it out of my collection, it never disappoints.
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