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mike s
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Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Churchill Size

Seems like this time of year I get excited about a Davidoff release and do a review. Last year it was for their Nicaragua Box Pressed line. This year it's for the Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour.

I have been wanting to try the new Winston Churchill line by Davidoff ever since I saw the pre release announcement at the IPCPR. As soon as I read the leaf was aged in single malt whiskey casks I knew I had to try just one. Called my local Pipe World and low and behold they had all three sizes. I picked up both the Churchill and Toro sizes. This review is my preferred cigar size the Churchill. Most of the cigars in my vast collection are in fact this size.

First off this is a Wonderful looking cigar. Nice smooth wrapper with a Good looking triple cap. The bunch at the foot is perfect with no tight spots or stems, and the overall weight of this cigar is balanced for its size. The others in the box appeared the same...very consistent at least across the top row.

Pre light draw I got a bit of raisin and sweet tobacco, and a bit of whiskey flavor on my lips. I can only assume that was from the leaf being aged in the barrels. Don't get me wrong it wasn't overpowering just knew it was there.

First third of the cigar offered a razor straight burn. The draw tightened up a bit from the pre light experience but that is to be expected as the tobacco heats up. This is one complex cigar. I found myself retrohaling nearly every draw because I was so intrigued with the flavor of the smoke. I'm tasting cedar, earth, and a pleasant mellow tobacco flavor. I would put this at a medium strength cigar. The smoke coming off of the foot even smells wonderful! Here's the crazy part....this cigar tastes like it is at least 15-20 years old. You know, that old library book kinda finish / smell. The finish is dry and doesn't linger or last long. It makes you wanna take another draw.

Second third of the cigar offers more of the same flavor wise. Just a more concentrated flavor as the cigar is burning down. The aged smoke aspect of this cigar is intriguing. I can honestly say the only other place I have ever found this is in the Cuban cigars I have aged myself in either db's or 50cabs with this taste coming more from the all wooden cabs and t i m e. Borderline amazing truth be told. Come to think of it, Hoyo had a one of cigars that were aged in Spanish cedar AFTER they were rolled and they had a similar finish but it was more one dimensional and didn't have the aged cigar flavor. Burn got a bit off due to the overhead fan on the back patio but nothing major and a minor correction fixed it.

Last third of the cigar I found the strength build from a medium to a medium full. There was also a bit of pepper that paired nicely with the cedar and earthy tobacco. Michelle came home so I spent a bit of time talking with her as I smoked. Even though I didn't give the cigar my complete attention it was still enjoyable. Every once and awhile I could detect more single malt taste. I assume this came from a leaf in the bunch that was more near the edge of the barrel during the aging process. Again not over whelming just interesting. The finish after each draw is lasting considerably longer now. This is a good thing as it is keeping me from drawing too often, wouldn't want to make this cigar hot...it's gonna be a nubber for sure.

Final thoughts from me on this cigar would be a must have. Having said that at $17 a cigar, $350per box we start to enter the realm of celebration cigar and or Cuban status. But the aged flavor without having to age it yourself for 15-20 years might be worth it. I have to wonder how much leaf Davidoff set aside to make these. Maybe it's gonna be once they are gone they are gone kinda thing? I seriously could smoke this cigar every day I believe and not get tired of it.

Time well spent indeed!





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