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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Warlock vs Flor de Baloney

Brian sent me a bunch of cigars a while back and asked that I do a side-by-side test between these two cigars. I've actually heard a few good things about the FdB and was surprised at the outcome.


Warlock: Medium in color, bumpy roll, slightly veiny, firm, slightly vegetable aroma.

It wasn't as red in color as the description on CI suggested for a Cubano wrapper, but more medium brown like a Cameroon wrapper would be. What surprised me was the very uneven roll. It was veiny and had high & low spots in the diameter.

Flor de Baloney:

Med-dark wrapper, even roll, some firm spots but no spongy spots, very fine veins, tobacco aroma.

This actually looked and felt much better than the Warlock. The construction seemed to be at a much higher level, certainly higher than a typical discount brand.

Pre-light Draw

Warlock: Smooth, medium draw. I had no trouble drawing through this cigar from start to finish.

FdB: Smooth, medium-light draw, not like a straw though. This also stayed consistent from start to finish.

First Light

Warlock: Mossy flavor, medium strength, no pepper. This wasn't impressive, but I did get the impression that the boldness would last throughout the smoke.

FdB: Mild tobacco flavor, a hint of Man 'O War flavor at first, no pepper, very smooth.


Warlock: This did not require much at all in the way of touch-ups, it burned fairly consistently throughout.

FdB: Only one touch-up required, it also burned fairly consistently.


Warlock: Lots! I enjoy cigars that billow smoke and this one satisfied me greatly.

FdB: Decent, not a lot. I was hoping for more and didn't get it.


Warlock: Light grey, uneven. It didn't hold together at all, kept flaking off in little pieces.

FdB: Medium-light grey, mottled. This was more even and held together longer.

Flavor Profile

Warlock: A true disappointment. It was very grassy and never changed.

FdB: Plain old tobacco after the initial light. When I tasted a hint of the MoW flavor I enjoy I was really hoping for more but it fell off quickly and was very unremarkable. Not bad, just nothing special and one-dimensioned.


Warlock: I've had one previously and wasn't impressed with that one either. This is a cigar I won't be purchasing in the future.

FdB: I was surprised at the quality level of this cigar. I believe it to be in the "yard-gar" category but on the upper end of that ranking.

Thanks, Brian, for allowing me to compare these!

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