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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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1 Leg Lance
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Not a Tent Peg...SLR Lonsdale from 01

Well like many good smokes this one has a story...
I was in Havana back in Nov 03 and searching far and wide for something interesting to take home. This was back when you could come back to the US from a legal trip to Cuba with 2-4 boxes before Customs figured you were over the $100 goods limit.
My final purchase was a 50 cab of Nov 01 Saint Luis Rey Lonsdales. And I was so excited I figured I would wait and open the box with friends back home....stupid!

Over the years almost every single one has been more like a wooden model of a cigar, completely plugged and unsmokable even after attacking with a thin medal rod.
Pure frustration and pushed to the bottom & back of one of the wine cooler-adors.
Well tonight I was digging for a smoke, moving things around and I came across this cab. I have dropped odds and ends from various boxes into the cab as I needed space so I have dug through looking for a tasty stick before. But tonight I figured why not see if one of the 5-6 sticks left were any good......and guess what? I found a gem.

The only downside is that the stick is pretty flat flavor wise after all these years. Normally I would have enjoyed these at the 3-5yr mark. The stick is good, just that it is more of a shadow of what I know it was.

Pre-light impression:
Great color and still a nice shine to the wrapper. Firm feel but not to tight on the draw.

Early Smoking:
There is flavor and some complexity, but more like getting whiff of someone else's great back yard cookout. Nice but you know it would be better if you could get the full experience.

Strong ash, even burn and it is picking up the flavor some. The length of a lonsdale keeps the smoke cool and this one is light enough to let out my nose now & then.

My note card taped to the bottom of the box tell me I used to get a sweetish/floral quality...that is not here, more of a herbal/mildness but nothing sweet. I was able to smoke down to less than 1 inch of nub since the stick was mellow....however I felt like crying remembering how much I loved these in years gone by.

Finish/after thoughts.
Oh those were the days
Trips to Havana, staying at a Casa Particular near El Moro and walking to the LCDH there to shop & smoke. And being able to bring stuff back.
Part of me wants to hunt down this stick in a recent version...but I don't know if it is still around? The other part of me enjoys the pain & suffering of wondering if any of these are still any good.

Even if the cigars itself was less than stellar, the trip down memory lane was worth reliving it all again.

The above post is purely for entertainment and is fictitious. Any resemblance to cuban cigars or travel to cuba is not intentional. The author in no way endorsses illegal acts or travel.
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