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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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This is a repost of a review I did on ICG last week. I'd like to share it here too, if I may.

I was given three Partagas Lusitanias by a friend late last year. Two from August 2000 and one from Nov 1998 (NNSU).
A couple of weeks ago, as I waited for my wife to get her hair done in downtown San Francisco. I brought one of the AGO 00’s and went to one of the only two cigar bars in SF. I really hate smoking alone, but I had a couple of hours to kill and by God, I really wanted to try this cigar. Boy was it a beauty! The wrapper was roughly colorado claro in color. Since this is a larger cigar than I normally smoke, I was able to see more of the details of the silky wrapper. Specifically the tooth, and the subtle waves of the taught roll. With my Guinness in one hand and a Lusi in the other, I thought, “Life is GOOD!”
Or was it… After clipping, I noticed that the draw was a little tight. I thought I might have clipped it a little shallow, so I clipped it again. Still a little tight, but better. It had a very pleasant earthy cedar pre-light flavor. I toasted the end and got down to business. The draw seemed to get tighter and tighter as I smoked it. It was like smoking an asthmatic. Soon, I was drawing so hard my eyes began to hurt. I also struggled to keep it lit. I’ve read several posts where people said they fought with their cigar so hard that they threw it away with disgust. I never understood that feeling until that night. With a little more than ½ smoked, feeling totally dejected, I left it to die in a sidewalk ashtray. What I tasted of this cigar was good, and strong, but I can’t say how it would have developed.

A New Day ---
Last week, I hooked up with a small Herf in the SF East Bay, and brought the second AGO 00 along to try. From the external appearance, it was the same beautiful cigar. So far, so good. Clipped it perfectly, then tested the draw. The moment of truth… It was wonderfully easy. It had the same earthy cedar pre-light flavor. The drink of choice today was iced tea, with one packet of Sweet and Low, and a lemon wedge. The flavors were a muted, almost creamy, pepper. Less creamy than the Cohiba Siglo IV, I had several months ago, but hinting at it. It gained a powerful, flavorful intensity, but never got harsh. Very nicely balanced. In hindsight, I should have paired it with a lighter Port, or cognac, but the lemon of the iced tea gave it a cooler taste that I think alcohol may have covered up.
Someone at the herf asked me how it was, and I answered with a resounding “Wonderful”. I conveyed the story of the first one, and they stated that plugged Lusi’s are a common problem. They suggested buying them in Cabinets rather than dress boxes. Anyone know where I can get a cab of these at a reasonable price? Anyone want to split a cab?
The best is yet to come?
I still have the ’98 left. I’m not sure when I will smoke it, but I hope it will be more like the latter experience. I’ll let you know. Now where’s that bottle of Port and my draw poker?
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