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Originally Posted by BrewMeister
Love the humidor!

So HBD, just reading through this older thread, as I am contemplating a different arrangement for my collection. As the one-year anniversary of the AV-2000 is now upon you, what are you thoughts? Good, bad, indifferent? Anything that you would have done or ordered differently?


I would not have done anything differently. But during the summer I became concerned when the temps would climb above 74-75 degrees. I would put a couple frozen blue-ice packs in the humidor. I devised a method to prevent any moisture from condensing on the containers from being in direct contact with the packs. I doubled the containers placing styrofoam worms between the two layers. I had to switch the packs out every day which became a hassel. I really don't know if it helped.

Next spring I hope to be able to make some form of cooling system from a 12-volt travel heater/cooler that I purchased and install it into the humi'. That will be a good time to inventory the smokes again.

I discovered that the wicks aren't soaking up the water and bringing it to the top of the containers (as well as they used to wick the water up) where the fan can draw the evaporated moisture into the air. I'll have to order new wicks soon.

Other than those particulars, I like it as it is.

To me, a cigar is more than a good smoke; it is a way of life. I love them! And it killed George Burns at 100, so don't give me any crap about health! -- Bert Sugar, Sports Writer
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