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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Consuegra #733

Well, I was getting low on premium cigars so I figured Id pull out one of these Consuegra #733 that have been sitting in my humi at a perfect 70 degrees and 67% humidity.

Surely, I reasoned, they must be equivalent to the ERdM that theyre supposed to be seconds of by now. After all, theyve been in there for almost 3 yrs.

I removed the smoke from the now yellow cellophane and noticed small crystals forming on the wrapper...oh yea, plume..."this is gonna be nice" I thought to myself.

I clipped the head and took a pull, nice construction. The draw was almost perfect.

Slowly I toasted the foot, watching as the flame brought it to a glow.

I raised the cigar to my lips and took a nice long draw, held the smoke in my mouth for a second and then...then it hit me. This cigar had the worst flavor Ive ever experienced.

No, I take that back. A few years ago, I had gone to dinner and ate some calamari. During the night I drank several glasses of wine, a couple Macallans doubles and a few shots of tokillya. Later that night I was praying to the porceline(sp?) goddess. This cigar reminded me of that night. Yes, it tasted like vomit.

I immediately removed them from my humi and donated them to the local land fill.

I think they tried to send me a fine via certified mail but I refused to sign for it...LOL.

My apologies to anyone that is a connie fan. All I can tell ya is to smoke em young because once they age, theyr not worth the cellophane theyre wrapped in.
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