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At the risk of being flamed, I thought some folks might like to see the details of what actually goes in to Humidor Cabinet Temperature controlled. These photos are of a work in progress and not intended to show 'finished product'.


I am now building a Humidor with the Peltier AC mounted in the floor . Traditionally the Peltier AC is mounted in the rear wall and the rear would face a wall.


For this client the cabinet had to be 'free standing' and 'finished on all 4 sides identically' and conceal all operational components. The Cabinet is intended to stand in the middle of a large room with electricity delivered to it from an outlet 'floor mounted' specially for the Cabinet.

Also the cabinet is designed & being made so as to 'minimize' the cycling of the Peltier AC units and the noise the fans create. The Peltier AC units tend to operate much more frequently than the traditional AC in a conventional househiold refridgerator. That has been my personal exerience. I have concluded that the Peltier AC just is not robust as conventional compressor type refridgeration. Nonetheless, Peltier AC provides more even humidity than 'coventional compressor types' and is my preffered choice.

The challenge is two fold: [a] deal with AC mounted horizontally and the related condensate and necessary venting and conceal its presense[b] make the Cabinet quieter.

Mounting on the top presented the problem of dealing with condensate collection and risking leakage into the cabinet below. Mounting to the underside removed this risk, and was the choice for me.

Mounting Peltier AC horizintally meant the condensate would 'pool' and need to be removed, and preventing from causing damage.

I mounted the Peltier AC in a plexiglass base, sealing them in place to prevent leakage to below, mounted the base on a slope to use gravity to direct te flow of the condensate downward into a 'dam' I made to collect the flow and remove it to the exterior.

To make the cabinet quieter the noise from the fans from Peltier AC as well as the humidifiers and recirculation fans needed to be addressed.

To make the Peltier AC quieter making it cycle less frequently was my solution. Replacing the fans with quiter ones was not an alternative to me. This would have put the engineering design of the Peltier AC manufacturer at risk, and precluded me from having them stand behind their product. Not an option for me to offer my client.

To make it cycle less, I doubled the Wattage/BTU output recommended AND used Vaccum Panel Insualtion provided +/-R40 in 1" thick materials!
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