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Received the green light to plan my walk-in humidor in the rear of a 4'x22' heated/cooled storage space with 9.5' high ceilings. Exterior storage space walls are 2"x6" construction, underground, and placed well away from exterior walls. Heating and cooling vent for the closet is set approx in the center of the 22' wall. Walk-in will not have it's own vent as it looks right now. I will be installing two electrical outlets and an overhead light fixture. I think a Cat5 cable hookup could be an option so I could monitor the status of the walk-in from my PC, but that might be going a bit over the top.

Some questions for those that have undertaken these projects.

I'm flexible in length, but not width. I think 4'x4'x9.5 would be the most cost effective size because construction materials come in 1' 4' and 8' as standard. To me, 4x4 should offer plenty of storage space for my needs.

The wife thinks it should be 4'x5'x9.5'. Is there any advantage of 4x4 over 4x5 from a construction cost perspective?

Should I have the builder add a HVAC vent in the walk in space?

I'm considering a natural brick tile type of floor that will hold humidity. Is this a good idea?

I'm very open to thoughts about a proper door for the space. It's going to be a hidden closet, so beauty isn't a requirement. What type of door is the best option for the job?

It think that's all my questions for now. Thanks in advance for the help. I cross posted this over at CF as well so if you respond here, you don't need to respond over there. Thanks again.
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