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Ya gotta see this humidor!

This turn of the century Benson & Hedges large chest humidor with matching table is on eBay right now. All quarter sawn oak the chest measures 21 x 12 x 10. It's a big one! It could be yours for $3400! Probably worth every penny.

Check it out:

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Nice! But way to steep for my blood, especially when it is only 17 years old. 😜
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Wrong century Robert!

It's my goal to score one of those big beauties. But not that one. I can do without the table.
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The beauty of quarter sawn oak and first-rate joinery: A truly aesthetic experience.
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Big fan of quarter sawn oak. Well out of my price range. Still wondering if Benson and Hedges was in the cigar business once upon a time. I've only known it as a Phillip Morris cigarette brand. Smoked a lot of their light menthols in my 20s.
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Benson & Hedges was a big time tobacconist once upon a time. Nothing compares to their chest humidors. They pull major cash. I have to find one that I find aesthetically pleasing but needs work.
Dunhill wasn't even in business when these thing were made.

Here's a little copy 'n paste:

Benson and Hedges, who started their tobacco business in London, England, began to expand overseas with the opening of a branch in New York City in 1899. Their factory was established at 32, West 18th Street, and they also had a retail location near the corner of 5th Avenue and 39th Street from 1906 to 1950. During this period, Benson and Hedges specialized in making premium cigarettes using various blends of tobacco from around the world. A particularily unique creation of theirs from this period was Parliament cigarettes, a brand which featured a recessed filter mouthpiece, which is still made today.
In 1928, the parent company sold their American subsidiary to a group of American interests (among whom included Hitt, Farwell & Company, and the Murray Hill Trust Company). The next major change came in 1954, when Benson and Hedges U.S.A. was bought by and merged with Philip Morris. Philip Morris has kept the Benson and Hedges name alive over the succeeding years; it is credited with starting the 100 millimetre cigarette craze when Benson and Hedges 100's were introduced with a unique ad campaign in 1966 ("Oh, the disadvantages of the new Benson and Hedges").
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Wow, that is beautiful!

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