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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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1998 La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro

Cigar Weekly Review


1998 La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro




Appearance and ConstructionScore: 3 out of 5


__Double claro 1

__Claro __Natural _X_Maduro __Oscuro

__Dark brown __Brown __Black __Tan __Green

TEXTURE: __Fine _X_Medium__Coarse __Irregular _X_Veiny __Oily

_X_Rich _X_Dark __Smooth __Rough __Leathery

CAP/HEAD: __Smooth _X_Medium__Rough

BUNCH: _X_Hard __Firm__Soft __Lumpy __Loose

Pre-Smoke Comments:

Nice, dark chocolatey wrapper that gives the impression that it had a little oily sheen back in its day.

Had a very tight cold draw and required a little work with the Perfecdraw tool


Burn Score: ___4__ out of 5

BURN: __Even _X_Uneven __Tendency to go out

COAL: _X_Cone __Flat __Crater

ASH COLOR: __Black _X_Dark gray __Gray __White

ASH STRUCTURE: __Flaky _X_Typical __Very solid

PROBLEMS: __Runners __Tunneling __Soft __Split /unraveled

Draw Score: ___3__ out of 5

__Too easy __Easy __Perfect _X_Tight __Plugged

Aroma Score: ___3__ out of 5

AROMA: _X_Faint __Brief __Subtle __Fragrant

__Round __Biting __Overwhelming

BURN IN THROAT: _X_None __Light __Medium__Excessive

Flavor Score: ___7__ out of 10

RICHNESS: __Weak _X_Medium__Ample __Voluptuous

BALANCE: __Perfect __Unequal __X_One-dimensional

STRENGTH: __Bland _X_Mild __Medium__Full __Powerful

BODY: __Empty __Thin _X_Mild __Medium__Generous __Satiating

FLAVOR: __Absent __Weak _X_Modest __Medium__Generous __Strong

_X_Earthy __Herbal __Vegetal __Grassy _X_Woody __Metallic

Taste/Aftertaste Score: ___7__ out of 10

SWEETNESS: _X_None __Light __Medium__Pronounced

BITTERNESS: _X_None __Light __Medium__Pronounced

BURN ON TONGUE: __None _X_Light __Medium__Excessive

SHARPNESS: __None _x_Light __Medium__Pronounced

SALTINESS: _X_None __Light __Medium__Pronounced

Smoke Comments:

Mild, but good flavor. Mellow and fairly smooth. Noticable taste of mustiness I tend to get from 10+ year old cigars. Wrapper had no issues with cracking, flaking or any signs of dryness or brittleness.


Overall Quality Score: ___7__ out of 10

CHARACTER: _X_Agreeable __Elegant __Pedigreed __Distinguished

__Indifferent __Lackluster __Common __Coarse

BODY: __Empty __Thin __X_Mild __Medium__Generous __Satiating

SCALE: __Dog rocket __Fair __X_Good __Great __Outstanding

Summary Comments:

Overall, not a bad smoke after 23 years. Flavor was mild. But decent tasting.


Appearance/Construction 5 _3______

Flavor 10 ____7_____

Burn 5 ____4____ Taste/Aftertaste 10_7_

Draw 5 _____3____

Summary 10 _____7_____

Aroma 5 ___3_____

TOTAL 50 ____34_____

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