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Total cigar smoking letdown in NOLA

Sorry if this is long:

I'm in New Orleans over the weekend for a bit of business and some relaxation. Yesterday, I sat in and took notes on a meeting that was held in the Polo Lounge of the Windsor Court Hotel. You know the one that supposedly has a humidor and was all old boys club like? Uh - no more. Apparently there's no smoking ( yeah I know the laws have changed here) and they no longer have a humidor. Total bummer being in a place perfectly made and designed for the enjoyment of good spirits and nice cigars.

Well, after the meeting we headed to some snooty little overpriced upscale bar around the corner. The first section we sat in the bartender tells one of our group that there is no smoking at the bar but if we've moved to the other section where there was another bar (only a few feet away) that we could smoke there. I'm thinking, cool they big boys can have their cigs while I smoke a petite Fuente maduro. I light it and am immediately descended upon by the bartender who tells me to that I will have to put out my cigar.

I asked her,"Isn't this the smoking area? Do my friends have to put out their cigarettes too?" she replies with "Oh, no ma'am we just don't allow cigar smoking here."

Without a fuss I laid it gently in the ashtray so that it would go out on its own since I wasn't about to squish a perfectly good cigar. Well, ten seconds later - Ms. Thang heads her somehow not busy enough to do anything else but concentrate on exactly when my cigar would go out - comes over to us again and says very sternly " I told you already once to put that out"

I replied nicely, "I did. It's in the ashtray resting and will go out in it's own in a few seconds. Don't worry" She walks away huffed up and pretty much ready to kick us all out. The room was filled with cigarette smoke. How in the world would my lil' cigar make a bit of difference.?

First and last time I ever go there.

Today, I'm headed to the Cigar Factory on Decatur and will enjoy a nice Tres Hermanos where I will be welcome. Later tonight of course Dos Jefes. again where me and my cigars and money will be welcome.
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