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Mr. Creosote's Diner Fried, boiled, smoked, seared or sautéed, this is the place we discuss our favorite foods and their preparation. Grab a knife and fork and dig in!

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Food You Will Not Eat and/or a Texture Thing

Because It's disgusting:
Celery (unless in a soup/stew and it dissolves),
Club Soda/Tonic Water
Diet Coke

Texture Thing:
Peach Fuzz

Fits into Both Categories:
Cold Soups (Gazpacho)

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Pasty foods (oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, hummus, baba ghanoush)
Light beer
Cucumbers/dill pickles
Stewed tomatoes
Collard or mustard greens
Pumpkin or sweet potato pies.
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There isn't much that I won't eat. There are things that I do not like... Such as those clear noodles, whatever they are called, and I simply detest Guinness beer.
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