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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they're gone.
Hat tip to Ronin for sharing on Facebook.

Puff, It's Gone.

Downing Street made the decision to go non-smoking in March to better accommodate the arrival of the recently opened Local Foods and the Memorial Hermann Breast Care Center that operates above the bar. Managing partner Lawrence Daniel told CultureMap that the property's landlord was "heavily involved" in the decision to end smoking at the space.
We need to find the owners of the property, and berate them.

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Rob G
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If people can tell me where to smoke, I can tell them where to go, too.
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When CultureMap first reported on Downing Street's decision to go non-smoking in February, Daniel predicted the bar would be able to successfully transition away from cigar enthusiasts by attracting non-smokers who had previously avoided the bar's smoky atmosphere. "If we were to go completely non-smoking, what might that open up," he wondered. "Nobody in Houston can touch our back bar . . . in single malt Scotches and bourbon."

Unfortunately, that prediction hasn't been proven true. TABC records show that the bar reported Mixed Beverage revenue of almost $92,000 in February, the last full month of smoking. By April, that number was down to less than $33,700. More recent numbers aren't available, but anecdotal reports suggest a continued decline.
Yet another case of progressive wishful thinking slapped up side the head by reality. A 63% drop in revenue likely deteriorating further.
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Mad Dawg
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Originally Posted by On March 18th, Mad Dawg wrote
So yeah, my guess is they'll be out of business in short order.
Can I call 'em or what?
Gone, But Never Forgotten.


That which does not kill me....has made a grave tactical error.

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Yeah, we both did that for sure.
I was at a place called the Marque? in city center area? Very very nice!
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