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WA State Cigar Bar Excemption Passes Senate

Good news so far in WA state - http://www.seattlepi.com/news/articl...an-1383725.php
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Would be nice if they hadn't put in this provision:

Businesses would have to pay annual fees of $17,500 to obtain cigar lounge endorsements and $6,000 to obtain tobacco store endorsements.

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/news/articl...#ixzz1MvZLa4bf

Thanks for the article!
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The other provision is that a valid liquor license is required.
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Some of the small businesses i've been involved with would maybe have that much in NET SALES over a week or so!
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Originally Posted by ulster View Post
The other provision is that a valid liquor license is required.
And how much does that cost? I'll bet it's right up there with the tobacco endorsements. I guess they figure if they put up enough hurdles and make them high nobody will bother with trying to get over them.
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When are they going to get around to putting a levy on places like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and any other establishment that "Super Sizes" your order? You know, places that make our children obese and lead to heart congestion and diabetes?

Are they ever going to put levys on Super Markets that sell Coke, Pepsi and other sugar soft drinks and snacks that poison our children?

What about the Mom & Pop convenience stores that sell Twinkies, Chips and Cold Cuts?

You know, it's for the children!
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My first thought is that a smoking license is BS. However I would look at it like this. Its an incremental step in the right direction. Smoking bans didn't appear overnight. They have been working on getting smoking bans since the 70's. They are not going to go away overnight either. In addition to this bill, we also have the bill in Illinois and in Nevada all in part rolling back a portion of their bans. They may not pass this time, but maybe next year.
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