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RIP Len Dawson

Its a sad day in Kansas City.

#16, "Lenny the Cool" passed away. After a stellar career as a player, he transitioned to sports broadcasting ultimately becoming the sports director at KMBC Channel 9 for many years as well as hosting Inside the NFL for HBO and working as an analyst for NBC. Elected to the Hall of Fame as both a player and a broadcaster he was a local icon. A standout quarterback at Purdue, he was briefly with Pittsburg and Cleveland before landing with the Dallas Texans where he reunited with a former Boilermaker coach Hank Stram. The team moved to Kansas City for the 1963 season. From then on he was an integral part of the community in all facets. He lead the Chiefs to Super Bowls I and IV, losing to the Packers in I, and beating the Vikings in IV. A truly class act to the end.
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Very sad.
Every time you think you've become too cynical, the world finds a way to teach you that the real problem is that you haven't become cynical enough

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I always liked him on NBC, when I watched AFC.
Amazing how times change, the famous photograph during the Super Bowl

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