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MLB is Back

Start of another season.
And I get to get disappointed by another sport. 🤣

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I root for the cubs and the braves... tough when they play eachother though.
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Yep my Nats not starting off great.
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The Yankees won their first two against Boston. They are currently down by 1 run at the top of the 9th. We shall see.

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And so is the USFL. I much prefer football. 'Course, I might be a bit biased
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Originally Posted by stockscalper View Post
And so is the USFL. I much prefer football. 'Course, I might be a bit biased
I can think of at least 2 leagues that have tried to wedge a franchise pro team into Birmingham. Unlike other places, Birmingham is a college football town in a college football state. Other than the novelty factor, it has been proven time and again that there really isn't much interest in pro football there. The Saints and Falcons (even Nashville) have fairly little support in Alabama.

I wish them luck and will watch a few games. Maybe the rule differences with the NFL will make it interesting.
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