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Anyone on Oahu to herf will be there a couple weeks in March? I've heard Oahu has banned smoking indoors to include the cigar lounges since I was there in November. In the past I would hit Tobacos of Hawaii and work off my laptop there while herfing. Hawaii is getting stupid with smoking. The lounge website now has "Only one client in the store at a time. Each client MUST wear a mask." Motherfu**er.



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Yeah their anti smoking attitude there sucks. I was there in 2009 and stayed at a condo. I was getting all kinds of evil looks from people for simply going out to have a quick smoke. Outdoors even.
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Sitting on the hotel balcony looking out over the Pacific over Waikiki Beach. Nice view of the ocean and some of the beach inhabitants. Throwing Yakisoba noodles with chix down my throat from the local ABC store. In Virginia ABC stores are state ran liquor stores. In Hawaii ABC stores are like a mix of a 7-11, grocery store, clothes store and it sells liquor. I'm gonna take my camp chair on the beach and under the cover of darkness I'm gonna herf. Herfing on the beach is illegal here now. But crap there's nowhere to herf here anymore.
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