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Construction vs. Taste

Since I started smoking a lot of cigars again (one a day usually), I've been smoking more non-Cuban cigars than I did before. A big part of the reason for that is I think that they are really better than ever. But the flavor varies much more than with Cubans. I like most Cuban cigars. And if I smoke one and don't like it, it's usually because something is wrong with the construction.
If one buys a premium Non-Cuban it's a pretty good bet that it will be well made. There are always exceptions, but a badly made premium cigar isn't usual. If you find a really well made $1.50 cigar, and it tastes good too, that's a real find! I've smoked some cheap bundle cigars lately that I think are pretty good.
On the other hand, I've smoked some premiums that were beautiful to look but had a flavor I did not care for. To be fair, I've only had a small number of cigars that I did not like the flavor of at all. That just put me off completely.
My recently trying to do some cigar reviews really got me thinking about this. What's more important, construction or flavor? I can smoke a cigar that is maybe a little iffy in how it's put together, and if it is really tasty, I'd rather smoke that cigar than one that is really well made but tastes bitter and off putting. Sure I don't want the cigar to come apart or anything. But if it's a tad loose and the wrapper is blotchy, that will not deter me like a bitter or gassy taste will.
So I guess taste is the most important thing. The problem is that taste is pretty subjective. We can agree on objective criteria for how a cigar is constructed. Any two of us will probably evaluate it similarly. But I might love the taste and you might not like it at all.
So I'm thinking that it's possible that construction is maybe 1/3 and taste is 2/3 of the cigar smoking experience.

What do you all think?
First: So that a cigar, burn even, circularly, it needs that the tobacconist made it professionally well.

Second: That the cigar have the temperature and humidity necessary, and

Third: _________________________________? ......... (The first person that tells it to me, I will send him free, two René's cigars .

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