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A Cigar With My Father

Father's Day was yesterday.

Whether you are a Father or not, you technically had one. It's always a good day to reflect on Family and the path we as individuals and our Families have traveled. I'm 55 years old, My Father died in The Service of His Country in November of 1963. Leaving a Family of 6, the youngest were twin boys aged 18 months. I had no living memory of him except pictures on the wall. Late last year I moved back home to be there for my Mother who's 82 now. I graduated HS and left to see the world in May of 1980. I had visited home over the years, but had spent no real time there. So, the point being that I had not been home on Father's day in 38 years. Since returning home my mother gave me access to a treasure trove of photographs. Many of them, I and most of my siblings, had never seen before. I was also in for a bit of a surprise. My Father Loved to Smoke Cigars! I have dozens of pictures of him with a cigar in his hand. Several of them taken during his deployment to Korea. Some are at Heartbreak Ridge, after the intense battle there. I was stunned and pleased, both. So, I decided to spend part of my Fathers day having my very first cigar with my Father. I took a recently gifted Bolivar PC that had a decent bit of age on it, if the green band was any indication. I took a bottle of water and went out to the old cemetery. I trimmed off the errant grass, small bits of debris and such, stood the flowers up straight on his and his Mother and Father's markers. I guess I spent an hour there. In that time 3 people (complete strangers) stopped and greeted me, they spoke for a moment and went on their way. None mentioned the cigar or seemed anything but thoughtful and friendly. We were all there, after all, for the exact same reason, to offer our respects and sentiments to a passed loved one.

As I puffed away and thought about his life that ended at 33 years old, 53 years ago. Then to me, the irony rich fact that I "randomly" started smoking cigars and that it was not an off and on thing. That I developed an sincere and genuine continuing appreciation of them, just like he did. I found surprising common ground with my long passed Father and I felt comforted by that previously unknown bond. It had always been there waiting to be discovered. Yet again, the cigar arts see fit to present me with confirmation that it is right and meant to be. It had freely given me another way to know and feel closer to him. So, I paid my respects to Him, His Life and His Sacrifice.

I did so, by having My First Cigar with My Father.

Laura-Beth, My Love...

Leave not Your Heart's True Words, til they can fall only upon the saddened ears and broken hearts, already filled with the loudness of grief. -unk

...Quick to Judgement...Quick to Anger and Slow To Understand... -Rush (it was true then and it's still applies today.)

Remember EVERY American Soldier Past and Present.-You -Me -Everybody
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