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Kitty Litter update

It has been almost a year now that I had setup a coolerdor with nothing more than some spanish cedar trays and 2 pantyhose "sausages" filled up with kitty litter pearls that I tuned the RH myself.

The RH started at 65% at 73 degrees. As I have filled up the cooler the RH would go up to 68% for a couple weeks and then level back down. This is most likely due to over humidification from the vendor. As I add boxes and finally filled it up, the RH is steady at 66% and so far it required NO maitenence whatsoever. I have a little OUST fan that circulates the air , which I just remembered that needs a new battery.

So far this cheap and simple setup has been amazing. The bag of litter I got from a local grocery store for $8 for about 10 pounds. I still have more than half that bag just sitting in my garage. I will probably throw that away because of the extra humidity in the air that it may have picked up.

This is the litter I bought


They make the plain and one with the blue crystals. Please buy the plain silica one.
Mmmmmm. Leather.
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