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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro

Historically I have felt put off toward the "greenies". I have bad associations with smoking very green stuff that are hold overs from my teenage years in the 70s. But I recently emptied a grab bag from my coolerdor into my ready smokes humidor and there were a few Rocky Patel "The Edge" Candela Toros in the lot. So I figured it's time to try a greenie.
The cigar was pretty well made. The cap was a little sloppy, but hey, that's going to be clipped anyway. The cigar was a nice smooth, tightly rolled cylinder. There was a little springy give at the cap end, but it was very slight. It measured in at 6 x 52. This is a well made cigar. The wrapper was a light green shading to a light tan in spots. The pic doesn't quite capture the true color.

I clipped the cap and...this is weird. I was subconsciously expecting to see a green bunch inside. Imagine my surprise when it was brown! I know, pretty silly. The draft was perfectly fine. My buddy had bought a bundle of these and said every one was a tent peg. Not the case at all here. The foot had a light and toasty tobacco aroma.
I set fire to the foot with a match and commenced puffing. The flavor was not bad. Definitely not "green" at all. A little bit further in I decided that this is a mild cigar. There is a very slight, faint undertone of bitterness. Bitterness is part of the flavor experience. A slight bitterness is not necessarily off putting and that is the case here. I continued smoking contentedly.
The ash was white outside shading to black inside. It was pretty stout. It repeatedly held for a good inch before I knocked it off. The cone held well and stayed centered. I touched it up exactly twice. The first time because the burn was getting a little sideways and I like an even burn. The second time was toward the end when it was starting to burn inside the wrapper. Both touch ups were minimal and corrected the problem.
The flavor never really changed. It was mild yet satisfying with that slightly bitter undertone.
I smoked this cigar down all the way down. It took me in excess of an hour.
JR's shows these as having a Costa Rican wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and a mixed Nic./Honduran filler. I usually associate Honduran cigars with the slight bitterness I tasted in this cigar. So I'm not really surprised. Price point is about $6.50 in a box of 20.
For what it is, I think this is a pretty good cigar. I give it a 4 out of 5 rating.
First: So that a cigar, burn even, circularly, it needs that the tobacconist made it professionally well.

Second: That the cigar have the temperature and humidity necessary, and

Third: _________________________________? ......... (The first person that tells it to me, I will send him free, two René's cigars .

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