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JR has a new 'free fall' thing, twenty items are put up at a time for each auction. You can bid up to five days in advance. Then, on the day of the actual auction, there is a count down auction. Low bids lose, anyone who bid above the previously placed bids gets the prize. I guess that I have put thirty bids out, and won maybe six or so. I put in pre-bids at seriously rock bottom prices, and just let it sort itself out. No auction playing for me. I got three ten packs of alec bradley; sanctum, american classic, and american sun grown for about $2.50 per cigar, which seems to be as low as they could go, just by pre-bidding at the bottom. I also got a ten pack of nat sherman host rothschilds at $1.50 and a five of belinda churchills for about that price.

I liked the sanctum that I got a couple years ago, and this seems to be the identical product, as opposed to a 'special selection' type reserved for auction sales. I got the nat from jeff a year or so ago, had a few others before that, and they were what I was looking for, but $9 in the box on the site?

Auctions are a load of crap. These things aren't run like a real auction, they have all sorts of complicated ways of fixing things, I don't believe that they are all genuine 'auctions'.

Someone who goes into them intending to win is going to get in trouble. I saw things that I wanted and took a shot, and my pile of losses is phenomenal. Right now I have a $12 bid on a ten pack, and a $60 bid on a box of fuente candela lonsdales. Maybe I'll get the fuentes, there can't be many people willing to fight for a box of green fuentes. I maybe should have put it at $50.

There will always be another chance.

I'd still like to find upmann legacy. The five pack that I had was phenomenal. I'll do maybe $3 for a ten pack, maybe. They have a lot of upmann packs on there, tons of monte brands, AB all across the board, but the selection is VERY limited. It's obviously got some sort of method to it.
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