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DCASC HH4 Raffle - Link to Pictures on the Last Page

Ladies and Gentlemen,

And I use the term 'gentlemen' loosely. :P

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 9th as the date of HH4.

Last year was a banner year for raffle item contributions from sponsors. I had the luxury of extra time, as I was laid-off during the months of June and July. While job-hunting, I was also contacting vendors like a mad man. And the results spoke for themselves. This year I hope to cultivate new sponsors as well as have many from the previous 2 years return as sponsors. I can't claim that I will be as successful as last year in terms of the amount of raffle items, but I will do my best.

I have a slight jump-start from last year in terms of raffle items. I received a few items a few days after HH3 had passed last fall. Therefore, I have one beautiful Don Salvatore, Birds Eye Maple, 50-count humidor: http://www.tinderbox-dundee.com/dons...onsal1504.html

...and two boxes of Padron 2000 naturals. These will be well aged by the time the herf rolls around. I also have commitments from the manufacturer of my favorite cigar cutter, the Palio, owned by Brother of the Leaf (BOTL), LLC. http://www.paliocutters.com/

Food and beverages will be handled similarly to what was done last year. As before, this is a BYOB (bring your own beverage) in terms of adult beverages. I'll supply basic mixers for most liquors and I'll provide ice, and coolers for storing your canned and bottled beverages. Bringing your own coolers is fine too.

Last year, for a reasonable fee I supplied hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, pretzels & chips, salsa, condiments, sodas, bottled water, the paper products and eating utensils. I think there may have also been a fruit salad and maybe a vegetable platter or two. No one went away hungry as far as I know.

I don't know what the price will be this year, but it should not be significantly more than last years cost of $7.00. I just asked for enough to reimburse my expenses for the food. Even though I covered the food for HH2, as much as I would have loved to cover the costs last year at HH3 as well as this year's HH4 event, I don't have enough disposable income to cover it.

The raffle proceeds will again benefit the American Red Cross and their efforts to provide aid to hurricane victims. There have been no significant hurricanes yet so far this year since June 1st, but the hurricane season is young. The last two years proceeds from HH2 and HH3 were respectively approximately $700 and $1850. And last year with a donation-matching program offered through the company that HerfinOne (Ben) works for, we were able to increase the total amount by $900 and donate just over $2700. $1800 to the Red Cross and about $950 to a fund raising drive specifically for our BOTLs and SOTLs in the south east who were effected by the hurricanes of 2005.

Those are the major points of HH4. Oh yeah…I host the event in my back yard. Where do I live? I live in Bowie, MD, a suburb of Washington DC. Bowie is between DC, and Annapolis, MD, about 10 miles East of DC and roughly 20 miles West of Annapolis.

I provide plenty of shade with shelters and tarps. And the theme is Luau. So wear your Hawaiian shirts, pooka shells, and any other tropical attire to this event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS!!! I do not have 3 dozen + chairs. If you want a comfortable seat, please bring your own.

If you have not attended either of the two previous benefit herfs, please consider attending this one. The proceeds are for a very worthy cause. There are several of our BOTL and SOTL that live in hurricane threatened areas of the southeast.

Note that the unofficial First Annual Hurricane Herf held in September 2003 did not have a raffle, just food, beverages, plenty of cigars and a dozen guys enjoying it all under candle and lantern light. I know it might sound romantic to some of you. But the candle and lantern light was a necessity at THIS herf. It was held 2-3 days after Hurricane Isabel blasted through the Washington, DC area. My neighborhood was without power for 5 days.

Here are a few links to the past three Hurricane Herfs.
HH1 http://galleries.cigarweekly.com/Her...Hurricane-Herf

HH2 http://galleries.cigarweekly.com/Smo...Hurricane-Hurf

HH3 http://galleries.cigarweekly.com/Smo...Herricane-Herf

If you are definitely planning to attend, let me know by emailing me at my other address, HerfinBigdog<at>Comcast<dot>net. I'll start an attendee list, which will help me keep track of who is coming for the purpose of knowing how much food to buy.

August 21 - More Details People

Event Date: Saturday, September 9, 2006
Time: 2:00PM – until ??? (we all get tired and every goes home)
Cost: Not sure yet. But it will be between 5 and 10 bucks. Last year it was $7.00
Where: My Backyard
2702 Filbert Lane
Bowie, MD 20715

Food: Burgers and Dogs, side dishes (potato salad, coleslaw, and/or macaroni salad) munchies (chips, dip, veggie platter) and other goodies.

Drinks: If you want to drink beer or liquor, BYOB!!! I will provide soda and mixers for most common drinks. Water of course, probably lemonade and tea.

Eating utensils, cups, condiments and paper products will also be supplied.

And of course…the raffle:

So far I have commitments from about dozen vendors to donate cigars and accessories for the raffle. I am attempting to contact several more as well. Last year there were nearly 2 dozen sponsors for this event. I’ll be happy if I can equal that amount this year.

Raffle ticket prices are as follows:

1 ticket = $2.00
3 tickets = $5.00
7 tickets = $10.00
15 tickets = $20.00

If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets but you can not attend, send me your cash and I will identify your tickets with your name. I will probably do what I did last year in terms of allowing you to tell me how you want your tickets distributed. I'll have at least four (4) choices in which to spread your raffle tickets.

1 Humidors
2 Cigars
3 Accessories
4 Other

Let's say you buy 15 tickets. You can distribute them any way you choose. For example, you can put 5 tickets in each jar for humidors, cigars and accessories. You just need to let me know how you want them distributed.

DISCLAIMER: Any prizes won by winners not in attendence will have to cover the shipping cost. As this is a fund raiser, I will not dip into the proceeds to ship your prizes. I will ship your prizes and inform you via email or PM what your shipping charges are.

I have no Grand Prize yet, but I'm working on it. I may have a separate

To guarantee that you will have a seat…BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR!!! I will have plenty of shelter set up for shade.

That's all for now! Keep checking this post for additional details.

To me, a cigar is more than a good smoke; it is a way of life. I love them! And it killed George Burns at 100, so don't give me any crap about health! -- Bert Sugar, Sports Writer
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