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I'll Drink to That! What is your favorite beverage to have with a cigar? Juice? Cola? Beer? Port? Single Malt Scotch? This room is for the discussion of beverages, especially alcoholic beverages that go well with cigars!

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Need a quality Thermos

Title says it all. I have a Nissan 16 oz. that is nice that I throw in the backpack or briefcase for work. But I'm looking for something bigger. The large one I have now is lousy and coffee doesn't stay warm long when it's sitting in the trunk for a few hours of trout fishing.

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I have the 26oz Stainless Thermos Nissan that has kept coffee hot just about all day.

Thermos Nissan 26-Ounce
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I have a 40oz Thermos brand I get at Target (it's a vacuum type). It holds just about 8.5 cups, and I always have to be careful when I pour a new cup that I don't' burn myself.

On the days I'm really busy I've taken the last cup at 3pm (brewed at 6:30am) and still burnt myself. But I also make sure to let very hot tap water warm it up for at least 5 min. before I pour in the coffee.

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Originally Posted by CigarDaddy View Post
.... I also make sure to let very hot tap water warm it up for at least 5 min. before I pour in the coffee.
That's a tip my uncle gave me years ago when we were going waterfowl hunting.
No matter how cold it was in the blind, the coffee stayed hot.
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Stanley makes a great one. No matter which one you get, preheating it before you put the coffee in is a must to keep the coffee hot.
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I've a 2 quart Stanley that keeps hot very warm, if you ppreheat it
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