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Rob G
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I really love my Aristocrat Mini

I've had my Aristocrat Mini for almost 10 years and I am still loving it. It still looks brand new. With the CO+ I use for humidity, my cigars are always perfect. Every time I reach for a cigar I am happy I made the choice to get one.

A year or two ago I decided to modify it a bit and I added three more singles drawers and an extra fan for circulation. It was very easy and Bob Staebell, as usual, made it very easy. I ordered the drawers and fan and with a friend of mine helping they were easily installed. Now all my cigars are easily accessible - no more moving boxes around trying to find the cigar I want. I love it.

I realize that there are other ways to store cigars that are just as effective, and less expensive, such as a cooler. But, for me, I just love my Aristocrat and I think it was the best cigar investment I made. It looks great and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should have gone bigger and sometimes I think about upgrading. But then I'd have to buy a lot more cigars to keep it stocked. For now, I'll stick with my Mini. For me, it's perfect.


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Originally Posted by Rob G View Post
Sometimes I wonder whether I should have gone bigger and sometimes I think about upgrading. But then I'd have to buy a lot more cigars to keep it stocked.
Sounds like it's just a matter of time.
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