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First Herf

After 24hrs i find i am now sufficently recovered to post about my first herf with the vancouver group known as VACHE.
Not knowing what to expect i arrived at the pub and proceeded to the smoking room, a glass cubicle in the middle of the bar, only to find no cigar smokers. Being at the right place at the right time i was a little concerned that perhaps i was the victim of a newbie prank but after a little investigating of the pub i discovered a second glass enclosed area but this one had the heavenly scent of cigars wafting from it.
The first BOTL that i met was Cyclone, and fairly quickly the place filled up with about 12 of us there. It felt really good to be smoking cigars with like minded people, previously i have smoked with only one other person and he is not all that interested in them.
The amount of cigars being gifted, traded bought and sold was a sight to see, cubans, non-cubans all going around the table from bundled cigars right up to some really nice cohibas.
I smoked 4 cigars that night, my first montecristo #2, a padron, a sancho panza nc and a punch robusto nc. Everyone was very generous to this newbie, i left with more cigars than i came with and there was a lot of cigar info to be had.
The bar itself really did a great job catering to our group, bought a round of scotch gave us all little bar promo items and they even went to the trouble of buying cigar ashtrays. I guess when you have a bunch of guys coming in regularly for over two years then the little things really count for customer relations. As for the big things that would be Tina the waitress, now i don't mean big as in fat i mean big as in perky. Tina rules with an iron fist, she seems to be a group dominatrix, with us, as the submissives. Definitely adds a certain something to the Herf.
Well that wraps this up and if you're reading this and are ever in our neck of the woods i hope to meet you at a future herf.
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