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1st Annual Georgia "Smoke On The Water" Herf!!!

The 1st Annual Georgia “Smoke On The Water” Herf.

June 7, 2008.

8:00am to dusk.

Anyone and everyone is invited to attend.

This year’s event will be held at the Amity Recreation Area, on beautiful Clark’s Hill Lake near Augusta, GA. See the below links for info and directions. Once there, just look for the signs. If you’d like additional info, please e-mail me and I’ll help if I can.


Bring your spouses, girlfriends, (or both - ), kids, friends….. All are welcome. This will be a family type get-together on a beautiful lake so also bring the swimsuits, boats, fishing rods, etc. There are hotels and campgrounds nearby so make it a weekender. You’ll have to make your own arrangements there however. Mealtime is eat whenever you get hungry and chose from whatever is available!

There are only a couple of rules for the event……

* As this is a cookout as well as a herf, all attendees must bring a food dish of some sort. Side items, entrees, utensils, whatever you want to bring, but bring enough for about 20 people. There will probably be more people attending but that’s a good amount to start with. If a grilled item, it can be cooked on site, but others will need to be precooked. Electricity and water will be available if needed.

* The picnic shelter costs $75 to rent for the day, so there will be a $10 fee for all attending. That’s a one-time $10 for yourself if alone or for you and the entire family. This $10 will repay the actual cost of the shelter and any additional funds raised will be added to the charity proceeds (see below).

* We will also be holding a Charity Raffle during the event. Generous donations from many sponsors have been donated for this raffle, with a complete listing available at the herf. Adults only may purchase raffle tickets. With your $10 fee mentioned above, you will get 3 raffle tickets, and will have the option to purchase more. $10 for each 3 additional tickets. All funds raised will be donated to an Augusta, GA chapter of the Golden Harvest Food Bank to assist folks less fortunate than ourselves. One thing to note about winning is that there will be “large” prizes as well as “small” prizes. What determines if a raffle item is “large” or “small” is my sole discretion and will be announced at raffle time with each item. With this being said, you can win multiple “small” items but only one “large” item. -----As for an example, you win a box of cigars. Then later you win another box of cigars. Ok, at this point you will have to decide if you want to keep the first win OR trade it in for the second win. If you decide to keep the first win the second item will be drawn for again. If you decide to trade in the first won item for the second win, the item traded in will be drawn for again for a new winner.----- If this is not fully understood, please let me know. Doing the raffle in this way will help spread the wealth around for most. This also promotes a friendly raffle setting.

Important..... If you are planning to attend, PLEASE e-mail me so I can be sure there are enough freebies for all (yes freebies). Also, please let me know what food or related items you’re bringing and how many guests will be with you. If you show up without giving me prior notice via e-mail, I can’t promise you any freebies, sorry. This is only fair for those that did let me know. Upon arrival there will be a sign-in sheet and name tags for everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or PM me for my phone #.

Hope you can make it!!!!!!!
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