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order has been placed for a Slim Laser and Palio cutter !


I Like it Down Under !
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Mike, How does the Slim Laser work at altitude (say about 4500' or so)?

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No clue. Haven't tested that high. I know the Vector is tested at altitude, but no idea on the Solo lighters.
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Folks, about 1 year ago I bought a Colibri Firebird Quantum SST Trooper on cigar bid for about $20, and I swear this is the best lighter I ever had, bar none. To begin with, the shape is perfect for lighting cigars, and you'll never burn your fingers. Also, the built-in cigar cutter comes in handy in a pinch. The tank is big, and the window is handy for checking fuel level, the chain attached cover keeps the dirt out of the burners, and being a manual cap you can't have any problems with the mechanicals.

In the past year, I have used this lighter so much, the paint is wearing off, but it never fails to fire on the first click. I've taken it to dozens of parties and it often makes the rounds, so it has lit hundreds if not thousands of cigars, but never a miss.

Now, maybe I'm just lucky, but the wear and tear this lighter has seen is far from ordinary, yet it keeps on going. And, to top it off, I already used 3 full cans of Colibri fuel in it (almost 4), and I have never once bled the lighter or cleaned it in any way.

So, maybe this is the exception, but if I could I would buy more of these to have one at the office, one in the car, one in humi, etc. The trouble is, except for that one time I have never seen them again on Cbid. I don't even know if Colibri even makes them anymore.

Anyway, I would strongly recommend this lighter to anyone - if you can find it.

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Nope. Discontinued if I'm reading the pricelist correctly.
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