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Smokestack Jack
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I have a question about storage...

...If you have tobacco stored in a mason jar, (for example Dunhill Morning pipe since 2/2016, or Frog Morton since 8/2011), and then buy more today, do you store it with the old stuff if it fits in the jar or do you put it in a new jar? I would like to put it in a new jar, but I am running out of room for all the tobacco jars I have. What do you guys do? Do you mix the old with the new? I really don't want to do that, or does it not matter?
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As you describe your situation, it matters. You need to get new jars for new batches, and accurately label with receive date.

The only time it does not matter is what I call the 3 month rule. If you purchase the same tobacco no longer then 3 months apart, you can store these same tobaccos in the same jar. This is my rule, not a written rule.
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Yeah, get some more jars.
If you open a jar, air gets in and interrupts the aging process.

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