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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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2007 Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Machito


Year of Manufacture/Box Codes: 2007

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Color: Colorado Maduro

Wrapper type: Nicaraguan Habano Criollo

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Vitola: Machito (petit Corona 4.75x42)

Manufacturer: Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, S.A

Factory: Esteli, Nicaragua

Humidimeter Reading: 66%


Temperature: 72 degrees

Humidity: 21%

Wind: 10.4mph

Gorgeous weather and in my favorite spot to smoke my cigars and gaze at the trees changing colors and of the mountains.

Paired with:
Iced Coffee

From Cigar Aficionado’s December 2011 review (closest in age I could find anywhere) with a score of 92 and describes it: “A dark, full-bodied smoke full of woody flavor, cocoa notes and a dried fruit finish. The draw and burn stay full and even.”

A very smooth wrapper with only one, half length, thin vein, medium smooth cap, hard bunch, and completely invisible seams. With the tasty, chocolate brown wrapper, it had an overall very attractive appearance and feel.

Cold draw had no airflow at all, so the PerfecDraw was used and there was improvement, but we'll see if it was enough improvement.

Cold draw taste was simply of plain tobacco.

A nice, even burn through the duration, a strong, dark gray ash, good, flat coal, but unfortunately, even after some work with the PerfecDraw, an extremely tight draw still, for the entire length.

Very poor smoke volume obviously, but a fragrant, plain tobacco aroma that was a little biting in the nose on retrohaling to get the best amount of smoke for smelling the aroma, as for some reason, that’s the only way I ever smell my cigars at all, even held right under my nose, and it was especially necessary here with such little smoke to work with.

Note: it was extremely difficult to get enough smoke for evaluating the following characteristics, but with enough rapid puffs, you could get an idea, but I still feel the very poor smoke volume had a significantly negative effect on the overall score for this section, so keep in mind that when you see the final score, it’s likely quite skewed by the very tight draw and very poor smoke volume severely effecting other sections, which I don’t feel gives an accurate impression of the cigar.

That said, it had medium richness, body, and flavor, with a one-dimensional balance of only a woody flavor.

Finish was weak, but with a very light burn on the tongue.

Keeping in mind what I already said about the draw and smoke volume, the overall score was 71 out of 100, which puts it into the “fair “ category and overall scale to me although I have no set scale, I just wing it with each cigars score. I probably should copy down Cigar Aficionado’s scale as it should work just fine or only need a little bit of tweaking.

I am fortunate that Bruce aka @Ljutic sent 3 of these compared to any of the others I have reviewed , so I plan on a re-do for this cigar, as I could tell it had potential, but the draw just ruined any hope it had at an accurate, and I suspect, much better score.

I highly suspect the next one will be free of the draw and smoke volume issues as Bruce has told me he has a friend who absolutely loves these and buys a lot of them, so obviously if the draw were a common problem, his friend wouldn’t keep buying them, so if you are interested in reading a more accurate review of the aging potential of these, keep your eyes peeled over the next couple weekends for the re-do review, as I plan to do it relatively soon so people can see the more accurate review not long after this skewed one so no one gets the wrong idea about these.

I even considered not posting this review and just trying again with another one shortly, but even though one thing skewed the entire review, its still true and accurate information, and something that happens to all of us from time to time.

No matter the marca or vitola or factory, everyone puts out the occasional dud. Its just the nature of an organic, 100% handmade product, and is entirely unavoidable.

I friggin love cigars

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Very fair Sean. It appears this one was a dud roll, or had a savage twist somewhere in the filler. Unfortunately, it happens and chalk up this experience as being a trooper and pushing forward with a review even though most would have pitched it without smoking. Easy to do with a $1.50 cigar. Less so with a $10 to $15 cigar, but I think we have all had to do that at some point in our cigar journey.

You mentioned my buddy Frank has been smoking samples out of the same chest of 50 your samples came from for several months and recently bought my last chest of 50. As always, I encourage Frank to let me know if he has any problems when he removes the cello and cracks open a sealed box. His most recent communication was to ask if I had more chests for sale. I think he'll be sad when he finishes up his current chest because I'm all out of aged Machitos.

I once found a sealed box of 50 Punch Rothschild double maduro riddled with mold under the inner cello. Sad, but it went right in the garbage. The other two boxes of the same cigar, of similar age, were checked and found to be just fine. I suspect the ruined box may have had a few wet cigars in the wheel that ruined the rest over time.

I've only refunded Frank for some Brick Hanauer distributed Encanto cigars. 3 of 4 boxes he tried didn't draw worth a darn and were unsmokable. Very poor quality control on these cigars.

To your point, stuff happens and I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to remember the limited instances when long term aging didn't work out, or I had some real duds taking up space in the humidor.
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Yeah, based on the feel from the PerfecDraw through both ends, it wasnt a plug, just a really tight roll based on the feel, and fact that as thin as it is, the pressure from it going in caused me to hear the wrapper crackling a little bit, but fortunately never completely cracked.

I chalk it up to the unfortunate dud that everyone produces from time to time. Just part of the hobby.

You are right, were i not reviewing it, i likely would have given up before the first 3rd was even over, but since it was a review, i soldiered on to the nub.

I think it has a place as it reminds people that shit happens at any Factory.

I definitely plan to do a re-do of it soon before this review gets buried, as i would like to have them back to back if possible. Plus I remembered you mentioning Frank loved them and bought you out, so this is obviously a rare occurrence with these, and they deserve another shot, especially since I have 2 more.

Very fortunate that this one, you sent more of than any others, so i can try again and hopefully get a more representative review of them.

You definitely must have a nice, big, enviable collection, as aside from this one, all have been trouble free, delicious and all scored quite well. Plus if you are selling of as many as it seems you are to your friend Frank, and he keeps coming back, it says a lot about the quantity and quality of what you have, that I have been fortunate enough to have gotten a nice taste of and experience with.

Definitely many thanks for the opportunity and like Frank, i will be sad when they are gone. I have enjoyed experiencing well aged nc's, from the era before I got into cigars, and to use them to develop my reviewing skills and I have enjoyed reviewing them as it makes me really focus on every aspect of the cigar, and I had never really done full length reviews before in my 15 years of smoking

I friggin love cigars

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