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Advice Needed On Building A New Humidor

(Please excuse my obsession--it will pass shortly.) I'm cheap, desperate, and independent (to a point):

I'm looking to install a new humidor in my "dream" house. While a walk-in would be wonderful, I don't know if I want to go in that direction.

I was thinking about having a craftsman recreate the Siglo XXI (or some relative semblance) from the info. in MRN's book. I doubt that I will ever win the lottery, even if I did find someone willing to sell one of the 21 made. (Wouldn't it be great to find 1 for sale that still contained all of the cigars? That dream gives me the shivers. Doesn't matter--I'll never have that kind of $.)

Anyway--if I can't get rich and find someone that wanted to sell, maybe I can have my own built and then try to fill it myself (except for those discontinued smokes). I thought that IF anyone knew how, you guys would know better than anyone.

Any advice or directions? (I apologize if this has been asked before. If so, could you direct me to the thread.)

Many Thanks.
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