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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Padron 2000 Maduro

Cigar: Padron Series 2000 Maduro!

Size: Robusto 5 X 48

Price: Around $6 to $8 dollars

Pairing: A tumbler (or two) of Wild Turkey with a splash of cola.

The Approach: These are well known cigars with a large following. There are plenty of lovely and way more expensive Padron's in the various up lines, but this is where it all start's, right here in the Thousand Series. This example is, as expected, a short dark beauty that has a slight color variation up and down the toothy, but solid Wrapper. The head is a tidy affair, properly attended. There is a heft to the cigar, for it's size, also a hallmark of the Padron Brand. I clip a conservative amount from the cap and I am rewarded with a smooth and easy draw. The textbook Nicaraguan Clean tobacco taste, with a touch of Cedar accompanies the effortless draw.


Lite'er UP! This cigar leaps to life and is breathing easy from the start. Billowing clouds of aromatic smoke filter through the now fully leaved pecan trees, shading the yard. Even the normally squawking blue jay's are silent. Clearly they are Padron fans as well. My previous outing earlier, cigar wise, was most unsuccessful. This time I really needed a cigar with "The Goods." So, I reached for the Padron 2000 Robusto in Maduro. The Natural Padron's are legendary cigars, even in the standard line. But, it's in this guise, the Maduro's, where they truly shine. We are up to temp in less than a half inch. No doubt, because of the perfect draw. It almost feels too light. Perhaps that's because the last cigar I tried to enjoy was all but completely blocked. But, there's no such issue or a shortage of Flavor here. The clean tobacco with just the gentle note of baked bread and perhaps a touch of molasses. The Blue Jays are getting the barnyard aroma and that's fine with me. I must say what a complete and utterly different experience with this cigar. It's like an old friend come to visit. I feel I know what it will say before it say's it, metaphorically speaking of course.

An inch in and all is going swimmingly. This is how it is supposed to be. A cigar so good in manners that you fully forget about that aspect of it. You are only thinking about the experience, flavor and the enjoyment of the moment. Isn't THAT why we smoke cigars, for those rare moments when all of the different elements combine to create the very thing we seek? Peace and Pace the quest that we each individually pursue? Let's face it, those moments are harder to come by in today's active world. Just getting the block of time, for a cigar, does not assure that all will go as planned. Sometimes, family, work, friends the phone or computer, all seem to conspire against us. It should be simple right? "I'll be out back, in the garage, out for a drive, walk or just a bit of time by myself." Then, "No Honey, everything is fine, no I'm not mad about anything nor am I hiding anything." When we were young everything seemed so simple. "When I grow up, I'm gonna do things My Way!" Well, my way turns into "our way" and you and I have surprisingly have very little to say about how "Our Way" goes. Maybe, it's not really that surprising when you look at it. The world today requires (not asks for, but Requires.) our compliance. In nearly every aspect of life. That's part and parcel for the responsible person, circa 2018. So, when we can finally eek out time for the cigar of our choice, we expect the Damn Thing to be good. Plus, if we've paid a premium on top of that, for that cigar, in question. We have an expectation of excellence, do we not? Sometimes those expectations are disappointed and sometimes.....


...They are met or surprise, exceeded. Plus, as is the way of such things, the most pleasant surprises occur when you are not even expecting it. Say, for example, from a standard line, plain jane, box stock, unpretentious little Robusto. Like this modest Padron 2000. Wait a minute, this is not a $15+ expensive uber line cigar, but an everyday sub $8 dollar cigar! How in the world did that happen? Will it set the cigar world afire? Nope, but it absolutely, without a doubt, saved my day. Great Flavor, Balanced Power and spot on burn characteristics, what else could you want from a cigar? At any price point? I almost gave up on tonight, but I took a break, a chance and reset to try again. I'm glad I did and it's not even over yet! Time to refill my glass.

The sun is well set in the clear West Texas sky and the waxing sliver of the moon moves to center stage, as the warm day slides into the cooler realm of twilight. The perfect companion tonight has been the Padron 2000 Robusto robed in that luscious Maduro wrapper. More than halfway through and all is well. I purge and receive a short Blowtorch as a reward. What a simple and elegant little smoke. The Padron's are never shy cigars, but this one had an extra layer of depth not normally found. It has an amazingly long finish. A mouth watering level of Flavor continues to flow. This is the seamless enjoyment we often seek, but rarely find.


As I bring this one to the fulfillment of it's life's purpose, I am pleased and satisfied. That is a right impressive result, considering where I started the evening. All because of a great little cigar that possessed "The Goods".

Laura-Beth, My Love...

Leave not Your Heart's True Words, til they can fall only upon the saddened ears and broken hearts, already filled with the loudness of grief. -unk

...Quick to Judgement...Quick to Anger and Slow To Understand... -Rush (it was true then and it's still applies today.)

Remember EVERY American Soldier Past and Present.-You -Me -Everybody

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