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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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—Hoyo de Monterrey - Le Hoyo des Dieux —

Hoyo de Monterrey - Le Hoyo des Dieux —
—61/8th x 42—June 01 Cab..
I have a 10pk that have been closed up in a baggie in the bottom of the ISOM humi the whole time.

Appearance/Construction — Very nice looking cigar. Colorado brown, darker brown then you might expect with just a hint of red. There were a couple fine veins swirling around. Nice and firm the whole length with a bit of give. The ring seemed bigger then a 42

Aroma — A slight mild spice Kind of chocolatey. It smelled nicely aged.
You can tell it has been put up and taken care of. Prelite was slight tang and smooth tobacco.

Light/Burn/Draw — It lit very quick and I touched all the edges to make sure it was going straight then let it mellow for a minute. From the start this thing burned slow. One edge would lead then the other would follow closely behind evening out. There was a good bit of resistance to the draw but never too tight and lightened up about an inch in.

Smoked — Tons of smoke from a 42 ring. Never got hot and stayed very clean the whole way.

Strength —Mild to start and about 1 inch in mild / medium to the end.

Taste —Big fresh bread taste to start. Kind of like that taste I use to get in my mouth when
walking through the big bakery that supplied all the Local Kroger Grocery stores when I first started working. It changed over from Banana nut flavor and Caramal throughout. Back and forth Smooth toasty tobacco.
It ended leathery with hints of allspice.

Overall Impression — I dont know if I have ever gotten this much from any cigar. It didn’t smack you in the face but I didn’t want it too. I like stronger smokes but have been digging into my mild and mediums lately and I am truly glad I have. I have smoked several DC’s and epi’s but they were never this complexed.

Maybe just another example of age doing wonderful thing to a cigar.

This review in no way does this cigar justice..
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