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.44 Magnum Hollow Tip Cutter review

Fellows, I ordered one of these and it just came.

This is a variation on the older .44 Magnum "bullet" cutter which I have and love to use. The problem with the old style cutter is that the little plug of tobacco stays up inside the cutter and after six or so cuts, you have to get a toothpick or a straightened-out paper clip to remove them. PITA! Plus, the circular blade has a seam that can snag and pull the tobacco if you rotate it counterclockwise.

The new cutter has a plunger built into the center of the casing. When you put the bullet back onto the casing, the plunger pushes the tobacco plug out of the open, hollow tip. NICE! No emptying of plugs. Also, the blade in the hollow tip cutter has no seams to snag on wrapper leaf.

If the hole isn't big enough, you can punch another next to it.

Both have very nicely made edges on the blades. No roughness as I have seen on other cutters.

The cheapest place I have found both cutters is Finck's


$9.95 for the regular bullet cutter, $14.95 for the Hollow Tip; both with or without keyring. Other places run about $5.00 more. Shipping rates are reasonable - about five bucks...
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